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Black Desert Online Wizard/Witch Guide


In Black Desert Online, the Witch and the Wizard are a large area support class both in terms of support and damage. They excel at large scale combat, working closely with your group in order to combo your skills to provide the most damage. You also have the best sustain of any class in the game and later farming requires almost zero potion use. Below are two different post 50 builds that should be easily attainable in your leveling process. (No Blizzard)

BDO Guide Photos 2 (With Blizzard)

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For leveling with this build, you should level all of your lightning abilities first. Lightning is your bread and butter. Grab low level Fireball and Freeze to supplement your other skills and get used to the combos. Always try and go after packs of mobs instead of just a single target as our damage excels versus multiple targets. Higher level grinding at places like Catfish, Mansha, or Rhutums are great examples of this.

Your healing abilities should be leveled as soon as they unlock. These are great for personal sustain and group/area friendly sustain if leveling with a group. At higher levels, using your Healing Aura to restore both HP and MP reduces your downtime greatly. Combo it with Mana Absorption to further reduce that time. Also at level 45 we unlock the ability to resurrect fallen players. Note that this does not remove the experience loss upon death like the cash shop items however it is a handy ability. Read the tool tip with the skill as it does require you to hit CTRL and have your cursor hovering over the player you wish to revive.

Once you max out your lightning abilities begin to level fireball and fireball explosion skills.


At this point you should be about 50, start leveling your Magic Missile or Blizzard depending on the build you plan on going. Upon maxing out your specific path start looking at leveling either your Magical Evasion, Teleport or Protected Area depending on your play style.

Something to be very aware of in Black Desert Online is that Witch and Wizard are the LEAST mobile of all classes in the game. Being able to move around the field in both PvE and PvP is essential. If you are having any problems fighting in PvP head to the arenas with a friend and practice your skills to learn more about the other classes in the game and figuring out your own strengths and weaknesses.

Always be aware that our abilities require us to stop moving, except Magical Missile. Using Sage’s Memory does not negate that fact and can often mean the difference between life and death in BDO. Another thing to be aware of is to watch the terrain. Slight inclines and declines can cause AoE abilities to miss, so learn the proper angles you can use your skills on to avoid missing a big attack.

Basic Rotation


Mind you this is just a rough outline of your opening rotation

1) Lightning

2) Lightning Residue

3) Lightning Chain (cast for a second or two to apply slow or increase your cast speed)

4) Lightning Storm

5) Fireball

6) Fireball Explosion

Rinse and repeat if it isn’t dead yet

PvP is a bit different as it is more chaotic but learning this basic rotation should help you a lot in many of the fights you may have. In PvP try and constantly be moving around the field as being in one place too long will lead to your death. All Wizards/Witches should try and spam Healing Lighthouse and Speed Spell when they come off cool down during PvP as it is great help to the team.


Abilities you should awaken are in order

Lightning Chain – Reroll this skill until you get either 10% Movement Speed Reduction or 10% Increased Cast Speed

Lightning – Reroll to have 10% Cast speed (This is a regular in your rotation so should be able to maintain the buff in fights)

Fireball – Reroll +5% Crit for 10 sec or +4/5 AP

Lightning Residue – Reroll to +4/5 AP or 10 sec Cast Speed

Fireball Explosion – +4/5 AP

(Use this site if you want to see what possible Awakenings you can unlock per ability )



Weapon choices for us are very simple, use the Ultimate Basteer Staff until you reach 50 and save all the Black Stone upgrades for when you hit 50. Once you hit 50 you are going to want to grab a Yuria Staff either by farming it in the Serendia Shrine or off the Marketplace. This will be your main weapon until you can get a Levirto Staff which drops from the Fearful Witch Summoning Scroll, Hexe Marie.

You will want to upgrade this to +14/15 and then purchase the Yuria Staff Forge in Keplan to upgrade the weapon to either Crimson Flame or Temptation for +1 Crit or +1 Cast Speed respectively. You can also use a Grade 2 Weapon Reforge Stone to get a higher level upgrade. This will help you cap your critical hit or cast speed.

Dagger is going to be Steel Dagger and again try for the +14/15 and then upgrade it in Calpheon at the Steel Dagger Forge for the stat you need. Same with the Yuria upgrade in that you can use the Grade 2 Weapon Reform Stone to get a higher level upgrade. We’re a fan of the +Damage on Downed Attack since it works well with the follow up to Residual Lightning.

For primary stats we want to upgrade, Cast Speed and Critical Strike are our primary. After you have +5 in both of those, start adding in +Movement Speed.

Armor is a bit tricky and is kind of dependent of what you are planning on mostly doing. Prior to 52 we used Helm, Boots, and Chest from the Talis set for the +5 Movement speed and the Agerian Gloves for the cast speed. Being able to move faster has been a huge help in both farming and pvp. It also allows you to run faster between quests and farming spots while leveling.

Another option is to use Agerian Gloves, Helm and Chest with either Heve or Talis Boots. Good option with a bit of added HP. This will be based of your current style of play. We have heard of folks using the full Heve set as well for the Gem Stone slots and that can be very viable. Find a set and stick with it, upgrade your armor to around 12-14 and then head to the appropriate forge to upgrade it for extra DP.

We’ve have recently noticed that during larger scale PvP fights that movement is not necessarily an issue so using the Agerian Set may be the best option to go if you plan on doing the large PvP offered in BDO. For smaller fights under around 10 enemies, the Talis set can really shine. Again it will really come down to play style, so figure out the set you like and upgrade it.

For your sockets you are going to want HP in your chest and then focus critical and cast speed in your remaining sockets. Depending on your weapon upgrade you can have 5/5 Cast with 3 or 4 Crit. If you do use the Agerian Set, make sure to get HP in both the Helm and the Chest for the added HP.

If you are running Talis armor you should get knock down resistance in boots.



PvP is a whole different animal as opposed to the normal grind. Your two biggest concerns are going to be watching for Sorceresses coming to get you from behind and grapple/knock downs from tanks. Avoid one on one fights as a general rule of thumb as we are fairly weaker than many other classes when similarly geared.

If you do find yourself in a 1v1, kite and avoid the enemy CC. Wait for them to charge past you or for them to give you another type of opening and either hit them with Freeze or Lightning + Lightning Residue combo. Use Sage’s Memory to then instant cast as many abilities on them as fast as possible to avoid having them get back up. Be mindful of your Teleport’s cooldown and how much stamina you currently have. If it is a class that has a long cooldown on their CC, you can use Healing Lighthouse to restore 90% HP and 450 MP.

In large fights with friends or as a guild wait for your front line fighters to engage and then move in range. If you have 100% Black Spirit Rage try and flank before using it, as it will give additional damage if the enemy is facing away from you. If there is a class in your group that rarely uses their Spirit Rage then have them charge you up when able.

Speed Spell should be used right as you initiate the fight, getting as many allies as possible. Then, use this when ever the CD is up. Healing Lighthouse should be used on CD if your group is taking large amounts of damage or if you see a member of your party being focused.

Target selection should be the enemy’s witch/wizard or their sorceress first followed by their largest damage dealer. Avoid or Freeze any tanks coming to CC you and rotate away from them.

Be mindful of where the nearest node is as the enemy could spawn right behind you allowing them to take control of the fight.

Abilities like Lightning, Fireball, and Lightning Chain should be your go-to spells. Use things like Black Spirit Rage Lightning, Blizzard or Meteor Shower on large groups enemies. Working with your friends can also allow you to knock several of the enemies down and do large amounts of damage to them. If you use a VOIP try and let your group know when you are going to CC a large group to allow them to coordinate their attacks. Being mobile on the field is going to be your key to success. Having a Warrior/Valkyrie/Berserker near you to peel enemies is a nice thing to have but should not be relied upon.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on using a with/wizard in BDO. Be on the lookout for more guides in the future and find links to our other guides here:

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  • This is a great starter guide! It helped me when I first started my witch. I’ve made a few tweaks but only because of personal preference.