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Bethesda VP Explains Creation Club Paid Mods

Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing explains the reason behind paid mods.

The Creation Club program created a lot of controversy when it was announced at E3 this year. Fans expressed outrage at Creation Club, thinking it was another form of paid mods. Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines has explained the difference between Creation Club and paid mods.

“One of the reasons that this is not paid mods is that when [modders are] working for us it’s a job. They’re not getting paid only if the stuff sells, they’re getting paid like an external contractor all along the way,” Hines explained during an interview at PAX West. “The risk is removed for [Creation Club contractors] because they’re getting paid and treated like a real external developer, working alongside us.”

Many fans argued that mods should always be free and that Bethesda could force all mods to become paid mods. While there is no indication that Bethesda intends to take this route, the actions of the company might cause fear among fans. Hines also expressed that there has previously been outrage over mods before, such as when the company offered a mod database that threatened to close down fan-created mod platforms such as NexusMods.

Do you think Bethesda can restore its reputation among its fans and the mod community? Or will Creation Club further drive a rift between the company and gamers? Let us know, join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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