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Just your general weeb. <(._.< ) Name: Wolfy AKA "Wolflvr25" pronounced wo͝olf lov·er Writer for Devious Gaming ⦁ 3 months writing articles ⦁ Short Story Writer ⦁ 7-year gaming and anime panelist ⦁ Tech Geek ⦁ Self-Diagnosed Fujoshi Action and adventure is where you can find me. I mostly play big-name game series like Jak and Daxter, God of War, Final Fantasy, Assassin's creed, Legend of Zelda, Saints row, etc. Though you can occasionally find me enjoying some indie games. I am an avid CON attendee you can catch me at most cons up and down the east coast. Working on making my way out west. Usually, a panelist at most cons and occasional cosplayer when I have the time. (Con Crunch never goes away no matter how much planning you do haha). Excited to get back into CONS with fresh content and have a great time with friends.