Staying all too true to its canyon run roots. Comanche, stays the course as this classic style of the game takes a sharp and much-needed update to bring an old game into the near future with a great revamp and added touches to wanna take your jelly copter everywhere.


They took this game by the hand and gave it wonderful hair, did its nails. The whole 9 yards in other words this game was taken out of the ashes and made into a spectacle of dog fights in your fancy ole jelly copter, to downright one on one drone fights.

Take this kick-ass game for what it truly is, the “KING of Helio fighter games.” Almost 30 years of helicopter good-ness has been there for us to play and enjoy. For us to receive this now and that it gives you an almost “Deja Vu feeling” but looks fine as hell like damn girl! Whoa! It will have you maneuvering behind clouds into cover to avoid getting shot by a Firggete or gunboat flocks. Canyon walls and water all look astonishingly crisp, just adds to the amount of work they put into making this look majestic.

Taking a game that is old and making it something new can be truly daunting. Comanche and the HEROES at THQ Nordic accomplished just that. When this game was first released back in 1992, Little did we know that we would still be inside the pilot seat and going on runs from here to kingdom come. Speed on down all those years of great copter play to now, with modern graphics and controls and what do we have? A guy wishing he played and enjoyed this game a lot more when he younger but to see it in the way that it is now? Yess!! Yesssssss!!! Goood buddy yeee.


Drones that’s about it! we get to fly drones!!!! don’t freak, I mean just a little but they’re not that cool…. lies there amaze balls!!.

The drones all have different attachments to them and have secondary weapons that all come too in handy when getting ready to infiltrate an enemy base. Watch out when fighting as to not accidentally hit the X key and POP! goes the drone… one too many times this will happen so care!

Having drone fights in a game that is mainly about helio on helio action takes us to a new place of thinking that maybe just maybe, it all shouldn’t come down to outright dog fights and takes a more stealth and clever approach to things. Go here but this time get the drone and take out the radio tower or use the drone to knock out the power, hack a gate all the fun things you cant do while in the jelly copter. Drone usage is something more we should be seeing in games nowadays and soo glad that I get to fly one and do super-duper chill things with them.

Noobs will get better.

A difficult game is always fun to master and now you will have to test your abilities to fly and shoot are you up to it? “Sure as hell” is what I said and peeps listen.. LEARN TO AIM!! You thought you could shoot right? Try firing a rocket and machine gun and having to fend off other jelly’s and not turning on the auto-hover and or the assist key and be stuck where you are or camera shifts away to the cockpit. It’s ok to take your time to do it, again and again, it will work eventually. This is all Comanche asks of you is to try and be better than your last checkpoint.

For all those thinking there all hardcore and want a true challenge go and hit up CONFLICTS mode. This mode made me hate this game and almost toss my keyboard into the screen so yeah take it with a grain of salt, please… THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS AND WILL NEVER BE ANY!!! It is a one-and-done type of deal to give that real feeling of being on the edge of nothing or pure glory.

Comanche is a stupendous helicopter shooter and shall be testing my skills on the online bit of it soon. maybe ill see you there. jelly copter is the best way say Helicopter.

Much love, DEO.


Avalon love to siege you.

As old man Deckard Caine says “Stay awhile and listen”, and that is what we should all be doing. A good book is always something we want when thinking of blankets and bay windows, rain falling softly on the lawn. How about a classic tale between good and bad? That chapter by chapter experience that will make you feel like you are immersed in a book, but it isn’t a book! It’s an RPG that will take you back to when you first played an RPG on your PC.

Time to read!

Siege of Avalon has withstood the test of time. It now stands among, other games as one the best story-filled games this man has played in a long time. As I started my journey into this epic tale, I found myself immersed in all the reading as the story unfolds. To give you a taste of what you can experience, here is a sample. “You arrive only to find out your brother Corvus has been sent on a scout mission to the nearby village overrun by the “Ahoul” and you set forth around the castle to collect information as to what has happened to him.”

Discover how dire conditions are inside the castle, that as recruits show up they do not have the necessary equipment for needed. I found all the updates that pop up along the way a great change of pace, instead of just adding another quest to my log. The game puts everything into a story format so those quests you do all flow and help you have a deeper feel of how Avalon’s life is during this siege.

Fight me… maybe.

First of all, that while this is not an easy game, it is also not very hard. It’s a happy medium of stealth, magic, and total brute strength. The first enemies I came to fight were giant beetles with nothing but a dagger that I found in a chest in one of the many rooms you search through.

Hit by hit I slowly took a beetle down, only for another to come around the corner as the first flees. I take chase only to pull two more and now I’m surrounded. I slay the first two. Down to half health, with two left on me, I may have crit one, I couldn’t tell as there are no in-game damage counters, but I one shotted it. I walked away with a tiny sliver of health for my reward of pie, when supplies are available again. Worth it is all can say, WORTH IT!!

I thought I was ready to venture forth to the village to begin my search for Corvus. Mistakes were made that day. The game will let you gather up armor and get yourself ready but it does tell you that the enemies out there are not giant beetles at all.

I was thinking this was just gonna be a cakewalk, but NOPE! My first true enemy was just outside the gate, and you know LEROYYY and all that… yeah my first hit lands and um, nothing happens! Hit after hit I’m getting owned. Time to flee, and as I scurry I see more and more of them now, and they’ve got a train after me. I get to a new area thinking they will reset, but this beautiful game said NOOOOOPE! Just go back the way you just came and low and behold, they were all still waiting for me. NO CHILL AT ALL! The reason I love this, however, is because it’s all part of the story.

Play and enjoy.

This has been a most enjoyable experience for me and I hope you take the time to read this amazing RPG. I’m so excited to finish this whole epic tale and pour all the frustrating hours running away and getting better pieces of armor to look like the true hero we are. This game has very classy armor pieces to help you look the way wanna look.

Take your time and read everything that this game has to offer, all of the NPCs are part of the game so click and click and learn about them. Most new games are put into an episodic format but that’s just it! An episode! So finish this and that’s it, same old song and dance.

Siege of Avalon gives all you could want from a game, a feeling of a reward check! Knowing why I’m doing this and not doing that because you “Have to” double-check!! The best part of all is getting such a rush of nostalgia. Well worth all the time your gonna be putting into it.

Wish it had dmg numbers but I can see how it would take away from the story. Grrrreat game!!


Better call Saul….but don’t.

It’s been a hell of a day is putting it lightly. Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) is your run of the mill of husband, father, and oh yeah local “spook”. Hutch is truly a unique fella, trying his hardest to maintain the life he has even though, my man here is looking super miserable with him doing the same thing over and over again wake up, miss the trash, go to work, and having a pillow put up between him and his wife Becca Mansell (Connie Nielsen).

As the old saying goes ” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is what we can relate to this “FAT LIP” of a film, starts slow only to throw us into what we think is just a husband gone loco cause they came for his family. That’s only part of it but the only thing I will say to this is (kitty bracelet).

Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) takes us on a wild ride from almost touching your soul (as a father I felt this hard) to what the ever-living f*** am I watching, the swap from an almost cliché movie of just another father doing the “right thing” to this is pure gold… take a gander at this most tasty “BUS SCENE”.

Little by Little do we get a taste of who Hutch was in his past only to lead us to a whole new rabbit hole. All of sudden the movie takes the all-or-nothing feel to it. After a few encounters with “THE BAD GUYS,” he then incurs the wrath of Russian mobster Yulian Kuznetsov (Aleksey Serebryakov) who has just the perfect amount of swank and ruthless killer… the man has class and that is class is MAYHEM!

This is about all I can tell you without spoiling all the cool little details that took this old format of a loco dad who wants vengeance yada.. yada… to a fresh take on it. This is going to give you a black eye and some booboos and your gonna like it and want more after you see what Hutch does to make sure his own is safe.

Okie one last thing “DOC Brown” (Christopher Lloyd) takes the role of Hutch Mansell’s retired FBI agent father David Mansell. The way they put him into is truly a chef’s kiss of gloriousness a sight to truly witness. All and all, I loved this movie so much and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Heroes of the storm?

DISCLAIMER: To those that choose to play this great, such spice and juice flowing game. I come to you with a heavy heart that this is not for new players yearning for a new MOBA to suffice their ever-growing bloodlust. This once great nay! Magnificent and brilliant game used to be a ballet of team fights and objective taking with fights betwixt the lanes has now been reduced to a game of backing out of fights and worrying about self-preservation. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! (yes I know the game is free) is all I can say.

history time.

6 years of game time is how long I have logged into this game, I was one of the few to still play and have the same account since Alpha, and boy it’s annoying that it has an effect on my overall standings due to this game doing a 2.0 swap back in 2017 ( the original game was getting too big and we needed more)…. we had all the promise in world E-sports deals, a way to break into the majors by being a nobody HGC!! Make a team, get good, compete, climb, and make it to glory!! then nothing all gone puff but yet the community persevered and carries on with small events and trying to get the competitive scene going back to the golden days.

a great game.

Thank you for getting past my little rant…it’s just been a rough time, getting used to new players changing and playing a way that cuts into the game that they oversee and should always have in mind.

This game is beautiful bar none for MOBAS, I think it does that is, the number of settings will allow most players to use all the ragdoll effects and see the maps and heroes with a crisp feel.

Loads almost a boatload, I would say of all the toons to choose from all the different Blizz games. The Nexus will break you and can make you a champion. The A.I. mode is a great way to try new heroes that are new to your roster and or you want to perfect your aim. TRY IT!

Another reason to play is for the mere fact that you get to be all the most amazeballs heroes known to all Blizzkind. Also so many skins and fun mounts to match all your silly outfits!

Lanes and The Map.

Watch the lanes and your mini-map and look for the little heads if they’re gone…it might be a gank and you need to ping and call out to your teammate before they get the ax…. this is going to be all too common a situation for you when navigating around.

The mini-map is your best friend and should always be reading it. The map will tell you when enemies are not visible thus prompting caution or action depending on your teammates’ location and time of travel to get to said location.

Laning is essential until you get a high enough in team Lvl to just go and raffle stomp the other team. be mindful of what the team is doing and adjust to what’s happening, try not to stay to a lane when the team is just getting slain. You might be thinking why? well, it’s a team game, and as a team, magic happens.

HOTS has 15 maps that are going to be a blast to get to know, two or three-lane maps are what we’re working with all with a different objective that ranges from capping a dragon or unleashing the Horde. They all rotate around so you’re never playing the same maps.

Best hidden mechanic.

Now we have come to the best and single truly a most satisfying thing, about this game is NEVER EVER I MEAN NEVER GIVE UP!!! Sorry for that, HOTS is the only game where you can be just getting turned into last week’s tuna surprise but fret not mon amis. We saved the best for last ready for the secret???? One fight can turn the whole game around… how you ask?? well after 20 the game no longer has talents so everything you have done to this point is it your quest and or damage…. it all just scales and scales. So pick up your heads and never stop fighting in the Nexus!

All and all this game will make you rage but it’s so great to play with a good team and just have fun. Take it game by game. I will see you soon in the Nexus.

8/10 for me only due to my personal play style.

Pokémon Snap: AHH SNAP!

Let’s go back to the year 1999 when I was just a youngling learning the ways of the Nintendo 64 and all of its glory. There came out a wonderful game of such impact that I didn’t even know that to this day, I still would be gushing in awe that I still remember and love it soo much!

Time for a trip to the beach

Here you are looking at this game and not knowing what is about to do down. Insert the cartridge to get that satisfying feel, see the beautiful N64 logo floating and cutting to “POKEMON ISLAND” without foreknowledge your about to go down to witness Pokémon like we have never before. Skipping ahead past the start screen, just to get to the best part of getting ported down a track and your ZERO-ONE pod that goes to the “GOAL-GATE” to exit the current level, here we will sit back and whip out the “Poke-Cam” out and begin our great journey of capturing great almost amazing picture’s. The first Pokémon we encounter on the beach is a “Pidgey” and not just one but almost a whole flock. Equipped only with just a roll of 60 pictures before our “FILM” ( I have put the word “FILM” in quotations for the reason that whoever reads this knows that we used to have a physical form of photography and not just digital media and yes even in a video game where they could’ve just given us all the space.) would run out so making sure to take only the best and identifying pics to add to our new and growing collection.

All of the Easter Eggs!

For all those that think that this is just a snap and go….. let me tell you that you will be pleasantly surprised for this ALL MIGHT of a game! Get ready for a Detroit slam to just blindside you. The amount of work you must put in to figure out that every level that you will play has so many different Pokémon interactions. Apples, pester balls, and ZEE Poke-Flute, these items become your best friend to get to all the awesome and special interactions on every level that we travel to. My favorite one has to be the Magikarp to Gyarados evolve. We first start off by trying to knock a Magikarp at a Mankey with a pester ball that will then hit it over to the dancing Gravelers, proceed to throw another pester ball to knock it over to the waterfall, where it jumps in and out pops out a Gyarados!! OOOOO buddy my first time doing this is still one of my top moments in this beautiful game. Take your time to enjoy the fact that you are taking pictures of Pokémon in an almost pure state free and wild!

New Pokémon snap!

OMG!!! 22 long years and here in April. We will be receiving something so grand yet so majestic to tantalize our imagination’s as new and veterans return to take a plethora of such great pictures. The game will take place on three different islands! We shall be also be figuring out a mysterious glow that is on the Pokémon “The Illumina Phenomenon”. Lental region is looking to be the best place for us to pick back up where our “PHOTO POKE- JOURNMILISM” began. My only reservation for this is that I hope they make so many different interactions that every playthrough is fresh not just a copy and paste of the last one. My excitement is through the roof so hold on to your butts for this new endeavor!

Among Us: Small Game, Big Fun

Let’s get this started then! What can we say about this beast of a game, for starters: USER BEWARE!!

This game is not for the weak-hearted and big ego headed peeps. One moment you could be minding your own damn business just doing your tasks, not a single worry on your mind other than just to my task, get it done and move on to the next. Little did you know that around the corner could be your buddy blue, red or maybe….just maybe its the sneaky sneak known as the IMPOSTER.

The three maps that will lead to your DEMISE!

So you have chosen your first map and it so happens to be: MIRA HQ, POLUS, or the all time champ of a map THE SKELD. Be wary of those you trust and have a little more trust in those you don’t.


Here, we have the map for your enjoyment also this will be the only map I put here, cant give away the game to you all in one go now can I?

The Skeld is the classic go to map when you think of this game. The layout is simple and pleasing to the mind no big things to think about when navigating your way whilst not trying to get lost. Remember “giant circle” and almost everything should be just fine I hope…. moving on, this map is where most of your games of Among Us will be played since its the easiest and most fun to get into game after game. my recommendations about this map are as follows:

  1. Stay as close to someone as possible.
  2. Check security for cams and admin for players on the map.
  3. Always (and I mean always) try to avoid long periods in electrical. Peeps be thinking you are nothing but SUS!
  4. This is no way in fact going to increase your win rate. Enjoy the game and make it your own.

Mira HQ and POLUS the two maps you will or wont play.

This is no way saying these two maps are bad in any way whatsoever. It just so happens that they are just way more challenging for other players thus making it harder to get into games with either map chosen. With no doubt id play a lot more of these two awesome maps if more games could be available.

Mira HQ might have the shortest task list but it also has a lot of corridors with doors and vents that make it easier for you to feel the icy cold hand of death brought to you by the local IMPOSTER-MAN. Truly, if you play this map, its wicked fun and you will have a blast just be ready to wait airlocks.

Polus, the Big BOI map if you want to spend all of your time trying to find a killer and not be killed, then you have come to the right place. This map has it all for you. Airlocks that change every time you need to open the doors? Check! Lava pit for all your warming needs, holes to look at and wonder why? I mean I know why, but still, just run from them. The IMPOSSTERINO will come out if you’re not attentive to your surroundings.


Hey you! YEAH! You, the sly guy there by the vent, how you doing? I see that you just vented over there and now you’re walking away like it was nothing, right? WRONG!! You have been spotted and now an emergency meeting has been called. What do you do? Honestly, take the L, buddy. That’s it, game over, try next time. Good thinking there using the vent.

For all my “NIGHT STALKER” wannabes out there, use those vents to get away to get ahead of your next victim, or just to look inconspicuous to not get caught and plan that next step into the darkness. Imposter is the best role to get if you enjoy being a con and the best liar you can be. Make them not know that you’re the one killing everyone, and always push blame onto those who were nearby. Kill or be killed is the point, so my little monsters out there, get to slaying and have fun.

Now for the real warning !!!!PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Be careful when playing with friends or (soon to be) ex-friends.

This last part is to all that wanna play with group of friends and have a great time. Yay, SOOO much fun, right? How did it go? Were you the IMPOSTER? Did you lie about slaying your best friend and are now plotting to take out the next one in a certain order as they have killed you in prior games? No? That’s just me? Well okay then. So yeah, this game makes you think on the darker side of things. But hey, it’s fun! Enjoy this great game and play lots and lots of games until you have your own way fooling the fools.

One more thing, they’re coming out with a new map soon and we will continue our journey to catch the imposter and toss them out! THE AIR SHIP MAP!