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Advanced Overwatch Hero Guide: Orisa

Blizzard’s newest hero, now up on the PTR, brings a lot to the table.

Ascendancy21 here with another DVS Gaming exclusive. Blizzard has really hit a homerun with the creation of this very high skillcap hero. Orisa is capable of fulfilling all traditional methods of tanking/initiation with a spicy twist of newly implemented approaches. Many of us have been wanting another choice for a tank for awhile, and I could not have asked for a better addition to the game. Welcome, Orisa!! Please keep in mind all data from this guide was found during PTR testing, and is subject to change before live release. One example being they reduced her drum size from 200 to 150 over the course of me creating this guide. Blizzard is wise not to rush this creation then try to fix it later.

Abilities Overview

Fusion Driver (LMB)

Fusion driver’s bullets deal 12 damage each and have no falloff distance. I would highly recommend using the short crosshair reticle because her natural spray does not extend farther than + shape. It takes 12 seconds of holding down left click to empty your entire clip, with a two second reload. This gun begins making a noise at 30/150 bullets, to indicate your clip is running out. This noise gets much louder as the clip empties to 0/150. Using abilities while shooting will not obstruct your rate of fire unlike other heroes. It takes a minimum of 9 headshots or 17 body shots to kill a 200 hp target with her fusion driver. After dealing 200 damage you gain 15% ultimate charge. Be sure to account for bullet travel time and lead your shots the same you would for a Genji.

This gun is capable of doing a total of 1800 damage per clip. Make very sure you are on top of killing any shields enemies attempt to hide behind. Other heroes can do more burst damage to shields, but Fusion driver’s consistency makes it easily one of the best methods for quickly and efficiently getting rid of barriers. This counts as one of your extremely important duties as an initiator, so please make sure it gets done. You quickly breaking shields can make the difference of your DPS getting 20 eliminations or 45.

When shooting at long ranges, aim the top I on the + of the short crosshair on their head. If you aim directly at their head over 20m away a lot of the bullets will fly over their head. The bullets will not stray farther than the size of the short crosshair. Basically imagine a circled around the +, and use the top of that circle on their head, not the dead center of the circle.

Orisa’s gun is quite unique to OverWatch. A problem I foresee is people choosing one style of using the gun, and forsake the other ways. I have found myself frequently switching between three different approaches to using this gun. The first method being standard point-click aiming. The second being slowly sweeping my mouse from left to right (or vice versa) to do a little bit of damage to each enemy so their HP bar will be revealed. Method number three being pointing my cursor down a hallway or near a enemy sniper and simply strafing back and forth to spread a stream of bullets down a wide line. Forcing enemies to move away from the line of fire, or easily hit many bullets down a hallway without even trying. This gun is easily one of the best in the game for strong long range suppressive fire. However do not let this stop you from fulfilling your main role as a front line tank.

Having a clip size of 150 by no means you should waste bullets. Creating a habit of bursting in shots of three to five while pressuring from long range allows for more available bullets when you need to commit to unloading non-stop. This gun is absolutely amazing for shredding enemy tanks and barriers apart. Be sure you have the bullets ready for when the situation arises.

If you run and jump while attacking you can entirely avoid the slow debuff from shooting. As long as you are not holding left click when you hit the ground, you will maintain momentum and repeat this process. This will make it slightly harder to aim, however being able to bypass the slow by playing properly helps separate skilled ones from the wannabes. Try to mimic a galloping feeling essentially as you shoot. I suggest using this technique mainly when chasing a low HP enemy to keep up with them.

Right Mouse Button (RMB): Halt!

Halt is the same size and travels about the same speed as a Symmetra RMB orb. This ability has a 8-second cooldown allowing seven total uses per minute, with 3-4 realistic opportunities. It pulls targets within 7m towards the center of the orb, and applies a heavy one second slow afterward. The orb will connect a laser beam to enemies within range of its grasp, and the orb must have a line of sight of its targets. Halt can be detonated by right clicking once more, or when it makes contact with a surface. Halt has a .5 detonation time

This ability is easily one of my favorite in the game now. Halt contains utility from setting up enemies for death. One of my favorite ways to do this is by pulling enemies into a Junkrat trap set off to the side they could not see. Another favorite way of mine is baiting people near an oddly placed Symmetra nest and pulling them into it. Halt also contains great potential for preventing death as well. If you or allies need space from enemy attackers, halt can yank them away and slow them providing just enough space to get away and heal to full. Be sure not to let the fun of using fusion driver distract you from noticing a situation to take advantage of the ability.

One of the most frequently occurring situations I find is needing to pull enemies directly upward. The one second slow is nice, however yanking an enemy upward yeilds more time to obstruct their movement. This comes at a cost of making your allies shots accidentally miss. It’s a tradeoff to think about, but generally worth taking the risk.

Trying to time the right click for every single usage of Halt is not required. A lot of very successful Halts I have used I just barely poked around a corner, aimed it at a light post or a street sign, then moved out of cover right before detonation. You running forward can cause enemies to back up before the orb reaches its destination. You may catch them off guard if you intentionally use the orb’s collision detonation over its manual one.

Halt is amazing for yanking people away from the cover they are using. An example would be if a Lucio is wall riding a lot in a certain area, yank him into the air away from what he is skating on. Another good example would be if a Hanzo is using a rooftop for cover very well, you can yank him into the open. Players skilled at reading enemy movement will cause a lot of mayhem with Halt.

A well-timed Halt can be used immediately after an enemy just activates their mobility skill canceling its movement. For example when a Pharah or Winston uses their jump ability, if you activate halt while they are still in range, it will ground them as if they never used the skill. Counting an enemies cooldowns from when you last saw a skill used can help you predict when they will use it again based on the situation at hand. Many skilled Orisas are going to master this technique.

You are also capable of getting a lot of environmental kills with Halt. Good examples of maps would be the hole on Illios, or pulling people into the cars on Oasis. Keep your eyes open, and try to bait enemies into stepping within 7m of where they can fall to death. Many games will be won by Orisas capable of averaging 8 or more environmental kills on maps which allow you to do so.

When you are sure an enemy is on their way to a health pack, you can yank them away from it as they get close. I have even had situations where an enemy and I are racing for the same health pack, and I won because I pulled and slowed them. I could not help but have a giant DVS grin on my face, it felt very evil.

Bastion can be halted while he is in turret form. This makes Orisa I gigantic help for killing a clever bastion who positions himself well. If your team is aware you are going to pull him, they can all help burst him down before he stands up to escape. If he gets wise and starts trying to run right after you orb, be aware you still have the advantage so long as you are not trying to Halt from too far away every single time. The time it takes him to get up can be used against him to land more Halts.

Skill 1: Protective Barrier

Protective barrier is 5M wide with a 2.5M wide curve as shown in the picture above. Make sure you take its natural curve into consideration when placing it or using for cover. The shield has a health of 900 and this skill has a 12-second cooldown with 20-second barrier duration. It can travel 40m by using top of ultimate indicator circle as a marker, or it can go 80M+ depending on your starting elevation and the destination’s elevation.

By far one of the biggest attributes of this skill is the fact you can block damage without having to physically be there. Reinhardt and D.va need to hold their shield up, while Winston drops his where he stands. Orisa can help people from very long distances, and should. Make sure most of your shields have some range to them since they can, instead of throwing a majority of them right at your feet. Coordinate well and use this method to help people such as Mccree or Pharah use their ultimates without getting instantly shut down while you hold down the front line ahead of them.

You can shoot the projectile directly upward to make it deploy five seconds later. Try to predict when your current barrier is going down and time it so it gets replaced right after it goes away. Your current barrier will stay up until the second lands and deploys. Most assume it dissipates right on activation, this is how adding the five second drop time cuts into the overall cooldown when repeated. This allows a smart Orisa to have an advantage over others as she can sustain barriers through medium damage better than the other. I hope somewhere along the line, Blizzard used the old bug Symmetra used to have with her barrier standing still as inspiration for this ability.

This ability is a very small projectile, take advantage of its size and distance. Being able to shoot this through windows and between small gaps greatly furthers increase the skillcap of this ability. Do yourself a favor and find certain positions to stand, and an object in the distance to aim at to help perfectly line up well-placed barriers. An Orisa player who spends a lot of time in custom games finding markers will hold a huge advantage over those who do not.

When advancing forward, I usually place a barrier behind the enemy tank. Generally, people will back up as an engagement begins instead of holding their ground. You can stretch a few extra crucial meters forward this way instead of abiding by the line they wish to hold. Try to never add to the gigantic problem of people who sit middle lane and never move forward.

The protective barrier is good at blocking damage down the middle of a lane. However, my favorite use of this ability is stalling side routes or blocking an enemy sniper from taking advantage of a sneaky angle. Be sure to mix a strong balance of holding the center lane, and entirely denying enemies from using side angles. Make sure a lot of your barriers are used to block a sniper from getting to your teammates in the back, if only the sniper is damaging a shield, you will have the cooldown back before it goes down. It is much more important to give an Ana or Zenyatta a sustained wall in the back lines than it is to drop a barrier in the very front which melts in seconds and leaves everyone vulnerable.

Many objects in on maps can be used to set up very crafty barriers. Use trees, street signs, poles, objects hanging from the ceiling, anything which can obstruct the path of your projectile and cause it to drop on the ground at a spot you could not physically get to safely or in time. Even rooftops are an amazing help for setting up skillful barriers, take advantage of this ability always activating on its second bounce.

There are two main problems to watch out for when using this ability. The first being an odd glitch that may happen on slanted surfaces as shown in the picture above. You will hear a large scratching noise then it just poofs out of the universe. I have yet to have this problem in a game yet. However, if a clutch play gets gimped because of this, I know I will not be a happy camper.

The second warning being taken intro consideration how much a 45-degree angle turn can change how much a barrier helps allies behind you. Many Orisa’s place the shield so they can go turret mode 1v5. When I played widowmaker during my tests with and around an Orisa, I find they accidentally leave small gaps I can take advantage of. These gaps could have been blocked with just a few steps forward or to the side, see to it you take those few steps or slight angle turns into consideration when playing this hero.

As I escape from enemies, I find myself doing the same jump, 180 camera turn, and use my ability on the ground as I do with a Pharah blast. If you choose to do this, think about the path ahead you are trying to take. Be sure to line it up away from a wall. Many times I see people so this they have half of the barrier sticking into a car or a wall. I understand quickness is important however taking one second to think is better than panic dropping it.

Skill 2: Fortify+

Fortify has a 10-second cooldown and a four-second duration. The cooldown will not begin until after the buff has timed out. While fortify is active, you are immune to all crowd control effects in the game. My personal favorite abilities to fortify are Roadhog hook+ultimate, Mccree flashbang, and Mei freeze. Knockbacks, stuns, slows, pulls, everything. Fortify makes you immune to them all, and clears effects on usage. Activating fortify during a reload will not interrupt it.

Be careful to not get ambushed right after its duration is up. That is your most vulnerable moment, so be sure you are able to quickly get to cover if needed. During the last two seconds of fortify, you should consider using this time to head to safety while you still are harder to kill.

Try to mainly use this ability when two or more targets are attacking you. Only a few heroes pose enough of a threat to the need of a 1v1 fortify, such as vs Mei, Roadhog, or accidentally running into a Symmetra nest. Maintain a good balance of uses per minute, but do not just blow this ability during every single time you trade fire with an enemy.

“SOMEONE GET ON THE PAYLOAD,” Fortify is a godsend for helping halt or assaults a payload or capture point. The damage reduction provided allows healers to have the time to negate the incoming damage instead of getting ripped to shreds right when you get near it. If you feel as though you need tankiness on the objective, but at the same exact time you are lacking in ranged pressure, Orisa is the solution to this problem.

Ultimate: Supercharger

Activating supercharger drops an object at your feet after a .5 second delay which boosts damage by approximately 20% to friendly units it affects. Supercharger works within a 25M range, and if they have the line of sight of the supercharger. This ability has a duration of 15 seconds and the supercharger has 200 hp. Be sure to reload before using this ability whenever possible.

This ability should primarily be used to help as many people as possible. You can and will cause your team losses by being selfish with this skill, or by using it as a panic button. Make sure the situation is stable enough for your team to remain in the engagement before using this, or you may cause them to dive in when it was time to back up. Contrary to what I just said, this damage boost in the hands of one single skilled damage hero can turn the tides of a gruesome fight in your favor. No matter why you drop the ultimate at least a plan.

Supercharger has a bright blue and white beam which connects from it to whoever is receiving the buff. It is very important for any Orisa player to realize this entirely gives away the position of the Supercharger. Enemies will verbally hear you cast it, and will just follow the line to its location. If you leave the supercharger unattended, skill players will be sure to destroy it before your team gets to utilize the buff. That being said, if an enemy has proven determined to hunt down the supercharger, take advantage of their aggressive choice and use it to bait them into a trap you set for teammates.

When worst comes to worst, you can block enemy fire from your supercharger by simply crouching your giant centaur butt in front of it and strafing to avoid easy headshots. This comes with a great risk of dying yes. However, that is the job of the tank, to soak up damage while your team deals it. All you can really hope for at a tense moment is your team is dealing damage to important enemies while they are focusing their attention on you. Try to soak up about 200 damage then escape. It is worth protecting but not worth dying over.


Anchor Tank
I love the term ” anchor tank” blizzard created, I feel like it deserved to should spread. Regardless of all Orisa’s utility, her main job is to hold the front line. While playing on defense, even one person can be enough to deter an enemy push. see to it that you are the first response to defending objectives in any games you play.

Side DPS
Fusion cannon makes her an extremely reliable source of damage. Many games will have a situation where you need another tank, but you need more damage as well. Now we have Orisa to fulfill this role. She is a very nice middle ground of damage and tankiness, for example, Reinhardt can out tank her, but she will out damage him. Roadhog will out-damage her, Orisa can soak up thousands of damage hog cannot even try to.

Combo Queen
Try to avoid solo play while adventuring with Orisa. All of her abilities scale more powerfully for each teammate around to utilize them. Her shield, the pull from Halt, and even just soaking up damage so they can focus on firing. Orisa is very capable of soloing many heroes in the game, but her main attribute to the team is setting up the fight.

Payload Guardian
Orisa is one of the best heroes for shooting enemies off of the payload, then maintain control of it. With even a mediocre healer, the damage reduction you provide combined with the damage and range of your gun allows you to be a gigantic menace on offense and defense during payload escorts. See to it you get gold objective time in most of your games while in control of Orisa’s utility. Frequently find yourself crouching behind the payload, halting its movement but refraining from taking unnecessary damage.

Backline Protector
One of my favorite roles to fulfill with Orisa is being a tank which can sit back with the healers to deter flankers, yet still, help the front lines. When you have two or more tanks on your team, Orisa can focus on using her abilities to save the healers or snipers who have been getting picked on. This is amazing because previously all other tanks needed to physically be there to provide consistent help. Zarya’s temporary shield does not cut it for trying to keep an enemy widow from picking shots at your team’s bastion or Torbjorn. A nice example I found would be throwing a barrier down so Torbjorn can build his turret back up, then quickly be turning 180 degrees to kill a Genji or Tracer who went directly for one of my healers in the back lines. The other teammates held the front, but two people in the back needed some help only a hero like Orisa could provide.


Watch out for Hanzo, he can easily one shot you with scatter shot. This is because of your hero size, and HP pool being 400. You can harass Hanzo very wellwith your gun and shield. But keep in mind he has the capability of snapping you like a twig. Be wise with your abilities and do not let your team’s tank die easily to the enemy sniper.

Being a large centaur robot, you tend to make a lot of loud sounds. Gun noise and her unique four footstep pattern are the most common ways people can determine where and who you are without seeing you. Be sure to crouch if you are trying to get the jump on enemies, and do not reveal the position of nearby teammates trying to be sneaky by shooting.

Orisa’s massive body size has solid advantages and disadvantages. The biggest up and downside being body blocking. it is very possible to save allies or your supercharger by just standing in front while enemies are trying to focus them. Another important factor to large body size is being able to block doorways. If you stand at a door an enemy wishes to pass, and do not press your movement keys, the enemies cannot bump you out of the way or hop over your head. Exercise caution, you are an extremely easy target to hit.

Communicate heavily with your team when you have your abilities or not, and the condition of your shield. Everyone needs to know if you are able to cover them and if you are unable to cover yourself as enemies come in. Announce when your barrier is going down and you cannot place another one for another few seconds, and when you do not have to fortify to resist incoming harm. When supports know ahead of time they can be ready to heal drastic rips in your HP instead of getting surprised by them, or not helping at all. Getting into these habits will help teammates greatly survive by not getting surprised when abilities are going down so they know to move to safety.

Take advantage of moving platforms whenever a team is willing to do so and has the heroes for it. Torbjorn and Bastion being two good examples of heroes which can win the game off of a rotating surprise but need help surviving to achieve success. Orisa can place a shield down, and by the time you reach your destination the cooldown is ready to drop another one if it breaks. Once right after the first shot has been fired, pop that ultimate and “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND.”

All tanks are hard to top off for any healer. Do your team a favor and grab HP packs during stressful moments instead of just accepting death. Only ana is capable of quickly topping you off, and even then she can only heal one at a time. As a Lucio main, I get annoyed when I’m trying to heal a tank and they are 3 steps from a health pack. Please never be that person.

Heroes Orisa counters

This is not a list of set in stone hard counters. Here are some of the big reasons I have seen Orisa cause chaos for her enemies while ensuring safety for her allies.

Protective barrier blocks both healing AND damage from enemy Anas. You can use this to bait her into moving closer where your team can ambush her, or force her to accept the fact she cannot help with barrier blocking and takes the time running around to a new vantage point.

Halt moves a mounted bastion! you can yank him into the open, or even off of the map depending on where he chose to sit. Either way with the help of your barrier and fortify, you can buy the time needed to aim and fire a good halt to set him up for an ambush. You are capable of soaking up a lot of damage him his tank configuration while fortified, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat the whole thing.

Orisa’s barrier is a godsend for saving people from a perfectly aimed D.va ult. Other tanks have to physically be present to save their allies from the blast, Orisa is capable of chucking a hail mary barrier transponder from over 50M away and saving the entire team. If you are facing an enemy D.va who has been doing very well with her ultimates, be sure to play a little conservatively when you assume she is going to shoot that mech out. Can’t counter her ability if you had the shield on cooldown.

Genji hates seeing the centaur. There are two main reasons why first has a hard time killing the barrier before the cooldown is back up. Second Fusion driver’s giant clip is gained for hosing him down forcing him to jump around a lot making it harder for him to aim. Even if you are not making contact with too many shots, him knowing he has a giant gun staring directly at him forces him to react. Well, timed Halts can pull a Genji immediately after he uses his dash attack, stopping his escape or pursuit.

Fusion driver is amazing for helping kill RIPtire before it reaches its destination. Even if Junkrat is successful with his tire, you can still manage to survive by using fortify to heavily reduce incoming damage. You will drastically need healing, however, you will be alive for the moment. With the help of fortifying you can just walk right over a trap, or walk out of it after it has triggered on you.

If a skilled Mccree has been humping tight corners all game, Orisa is for sure a good answer. Fortify is one of the few abilities in the game which can consistently help against flashbang. With quick reaction time, Orisa can drop a barrier before deadeye fully locks saving herself and any allies who desperately needed the cover. Mccree does not have much mobility, so halt tends to have a strong result vs him compared to other DPS heroes who have mobility.

Fortify saves you from Mei’s slow and stun. If you time it properly, you can entirely evade Mei’s ultimate by fortifying right before the stun triggers. Take this time to shield or body block enemies from head shotting your frozen teammates. Fusion driver is great for helping break down a single pillar of an ice wall also.

A skilled orisa can harass a Pharah out of clear skies, even kill her. Lead your shots a little ahead of the direction she is moving and underneath her current elevation. Pretend you are an anti-air turret. A Pharah who slowly bobbed her way to the ground will be using her rocket jump again rather soon. Skilled Orisa can cancel the travel from rocket jump by timing halt properly.

Fusion driver is amazing at tearing through Reinhardt’s giant annoying shield. Unless Reinhardt lands a pin on you, he cannot deal 400 damage to you before you kill him. So long as you hit your bullets of course. If you are quick to react with fortify, if he is charging at you, or as soon as you hear “HAMMER” from his ulti animation, you can easily nullify any knockback or stun he may try to hit you with. Orisa is a gigantic pain in the ass for a Reinhardt.

You can unload a gigantic amount of damage into the pig, just be aware you are a really easy target for him to hook, and he can tear through your shield easily. Try to maintain over 20m distance and you hold a huge advantage over him. Fortify makes you immune to both hook and the push from his ultimate.

You can put a Barrier in his healing AoE then enter it to force him out of it. If he attempts to contest, also pop fortify to lean the battle heavily in your favor and reduce how much healing he gets. Use Halt to pull him out of his heal as well whether you are fighting him at that moment or not. Halt has a short cooldown so using it to deny him that powerful heal is exactly what the ability was made for. Your wall can and will save allies during his ultimate. Try not to get baited into dropping your wall early. If you do his team can help him kill it, then proceed to engage fully while barrier is on cooldown

long range huge clip gun lets you clear out Symmetra nests close up and far away. You can also drop a shield to reduce damage from enemies while you take a second to clear a nest away from a doorway. Fortify if needed here early so you will have enough hp to escape or engage after turrets are down.

Orisa is a huge help vs a Torbjorn. The shield will only last a few seconds, but that should be long enough for an organized team to move together and all hit it at the same time. Torbjorn can very easily shred your shield apart with right-click, but has a difficult time with his left click. So keep him at a good range and you may not even take damage from him at all

Tracer is very sad with the existence of Orisa for many reasons. The main reason being Fusion driver’s clip and range. This allows Orisa to effectively harass Tracer’s close and far keeping them consistently running towards their healers or HP packs instead of decimating your teammates. Another big reason Tracer hates Orisa is how easily people can kill Tracer with the help of Supercharger.

Anytime a Winston jumps at you or allies mow him down. Same like Reinhardt, he cannot contest your damage. Take advantage of this and try to handle him before he kills your teammate then jumps off into the sunset. Be sure to use halt here, as you can cause him to be too far away from his target immediately after landing from a leap. Extremely skilled Orisa’s can count the cooldown of his jump after he uses it, predict his next jump, then halt him immediately after he leaps, yanking him back before he gets anywhere.

Final Thoughts

I find it a little funny everyone thought the new hero was going to be Doomfist. I did not have any other ideas myself, however, I do not think anyone guessed the hero would be an omnic unit created to combat doomfist. I am very excited to see what Orisa bring to both the story of Overwatch and how she curves current meta.