Harley “HarleChan”
C.E.O and PR Manager

Variety with a hint of Otaku.

Graphics, Events, Personnel, Content Management, Streamer

Team DVS Streamer

4 years Streaming
6 Years Writing
Short Story Writer
Podcast Host
Content Creator

I am a variety streamer!

That means I like to play all kinds of video games on stream. Some days you’ll find me sneaking around killers in Dead By Daylight, other days you’ll find me playing something fun and light-hearted like Mario Party!

At events like PAX and CONS, you’ll find me dressed up in cosplay! I’ll always be toting around my camera, as I love to take photographs of cosplays and edit them for cool and fun background or effects!

As C.E.O and holder of DVS Gaming, I love sharing my experiences with my team. I have an amazing team that works with me; Writing articles, Streaming, and attending events!

When I’m not working, you can find me playing some lame game and being a dork. I am 420 Friendly and love spending my time with my hubby and my fat-kitty.

Drew “Drewlbucket”
Community Manager

Nerdy banter wtih a side of mediocrity.

Community, Web Design, Tech/Game Writer, Streamer

Team DVS Streamer

• 16 years of leading gaming communities in MMOs
• 5 years Streaming Experience
• 2 years of leading a competitive FPS team.
• 2 years of Podcast hosting.
• 20 years in IT of various flavors.
• 12 years as a front-end lead developer.
• Degree in IT with a focus in Project Management.
• AAS in Programming

I am a father, a gamer and a nerd.

I spend my evenings as a small variety streamer with a heavy presence in survival games. Talking and friendly banter or even down right arguing tends to be fun for me. Also, I suck with directions – so if you see me running around in a game, I am probably lost…HELP!

I lead gaming communities and tend to be at the top of competition; however, I value the social aspect over winning. People are an invaluable part of the process and fun is the result of the recipe.

Beyond games, I love the technological growth of the world. New products and rapid growth in technology fascinates me. This drove me to a career focus in IT and programming.

Outside of that and personally, I am a father of two wonderful daughters with an amazing wife just trying to execute my childhood dream of a happy successful family!

Desiree D “MoXxi SaVage”
Editor & Events

Chaos with a hint of fun and whimsy!

Content Editor, Events Team, Streamer

Team DVS Streamer

From the time she cut her teeth on the Atari 2600 MoXxi Savage has been addicted to all things gaming. From her early days she has attended events, contests and conventions as a cosplayer, model, writer, editor, geek, gamer, hostess and judge.

Those are just a few attributes to describe this gaming rainbow in the flesh. From gaming store proprietor to social media memestress, MoXxi embodies all things fun and fantastic in the gaming world. Check her out on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and TwitchTV, where she streams gaming, interviews and life.

Mea “Shinobi”

Your Fellow Gaming Guru

Content Writer and Streamer

Team DVS Streamer

4 years Management Experience
• 1 year Streaming Experience
• 5 years of Technology Sales
2 years of Podcast hosting.
1 Year FGC Tournament Hosting Experience

I have been gaming my whole life and play any genre of video games. I started at an early age playing Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega, as well as fun games like Pajama Sam on PC. I love achievement and trophy hunting on all platforms and apps on PC. My favorite franchises range anywhere from Final Fantasy to Dark Souls. I love to go to different events when I can that are local like Zenkaicon and Too Many Games, and though I have been out of the game a while I used to cosplay all the time.

I am new to writing and I love the support I get from the Devious Gaming Community Staff. They help me grow as a writer with every new article I work on. Outside of writing I’m either playing with my daughter, or running raids on Final Fantasy 14. I also work part time at Gamer’s Heaven during the week as a new sales associate.

Wolfy  “Wolflvr25”

Variety with a hint of Otaku.

Content Writer

My name is pronounced wo͝olf lov·er.

3 months writing articles
• 7-year gaming and anime panelist
• Tech Geek
Self-Diagnosed Fujoshi

Action and adventure is where you can find me. I mostly play big-name game series like Jak and Daxter, God of War, Final Fantasy, Assassin’s creed, Legend of Zelda, Saints row, etc. Though you can occasionally find me enjoying some indie games.

I am an avid CON attendee you can catch me at most cons up and down the east coast. Working on making my way out west. Usually, a panelist at most cons and occasional cosplayer when I have the time. (Con Crunch never goes away no matter how much planning you do haha). Excited to get back into CONS with fresh content and have a great time with friends.

When I’m not writing you can find me lounging with a book or hiking with my dog, Smoky, and my Sister and Niece.


Writer, Board Member