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Waterworld-themed survival games can offer players a unique and challenging experience as they navigate a world that is vastly different from our own.


In a post-apocalyptic water world, players would need to explore the depths of the ocean to find resources and clues to help them survive. They could discover sunken cities, abandoned research facilities, and other hidden treasures.

Base Building

To survive in this harsh world, players would need to build their own bases to protect themselves from the dangers of the ocean. They would need to gather resources to construct their bases, which could be anything from floating platforms to underwater structures.


In addition to building their bases, players would need to craft their own weapons, tools, and equipment to survive. They could gather resources such as seaweed, metal, and other materials to create items that would aid them in their journey.


The ocean could be a hub of trade and commerce, as players could exchange resources, weapons, and other items with each other to build their bases and craft new items. Trading could take place in underwater markets or on floating platforms.

Fighting Pirates

Players would have to contend with pirates who roam the ocean, looking to steal resources and attack other players. Players could team up to take down these pirates or fight them alone, depending on their play style.

Hunger and Violence

The post-apocalyptic world would be plagued by hunger and violence, as players struggle to find food and water to survive. They would have to hunt sea creatures, fish, and find edible plants to keep themselves alive. Violence could come from other players or dangerous sea creatures that lurk in the depths.

Overall, a Waterworld-themed survival game could offer players a unique and challenging experience, as they navigate a world that is vastly different from our own. Players would need to be resourceful, strategic, and adaptable to survive in this harsh, aquatic environment.

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