CES 2023: Coolermaster – OMG a SHOE PC!

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Celebrating 30 years in the gaming industry, Cooler Master – a name well known in the industry – is here to bring you an extravagant new experience during CES 2023. Cooler Master will be showcasing…FIFTY… or 50…or FIVE ZERO (49+1) products! This showcase aims to take things Cooler Master has been known for over the years such as their quality, performance, amazing products, and ideas into a modern yet, more personal experience (said to be extravagant, in fact). Going through all of this has me all sorts of excited – read on and you will be able to feel it too! Enthusiasts, prepare your popcorn.

Tldr; yes there is a shoe PC that we will be able to buy. Scroll down for more!

Cases, Peripherals, Cooling, Power – and SYSTEMS?!!

Cooler Master is taking a leap into the PC prebuild market and not in the usual way. They will present three lines at CES: Be Excellent, Be Different and
Be Creative.

The Be Excellent systems excel in thermal performance with powerful CPU and GPU capabilities. The Be Different products feature the Shark X, Sneaker X and Mini X, which focus on individuality. The Be Creative lineup will launch with the limited-edition Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary PC. So why is that different? Plenty of companies make PCs, right? Check out these photos:

These are functional PCs. Those are cases folks. I don’t really need to say more, those images speak for themselves. Welcome to the PC build market, Cooler Master! *cough* Make a Triforce PC for me please.

Peripherals and Components to Watch For

We do not have images or full details of every item yet. Here are some things (and a few images) of what we do know:

Cooler Master ORB X, an immersive multi-purpose station, fulfils diversified needs for work, entertainment and gaming with a new level of comfort and luxury. ORB X elevates users’ visual, audio, and comfort experiences in a semi-enclosed space for enhanced immersion.

Cooler Master Synk X, a cross-platform haptic chair, creates a new way to immerse yourself in a lifelike entertainment experience. Real-time tactile experiences enable users to feel what is taking place in virtual reality.

Motion 1 is the world’s first haptic engine gaming chair developed in collaboration with D-BOX, a worldwide leader in haptic technology. Motion 1 adds realistic feedback to enhance your gaming and entertainment enjoyment.

The MK770 is Cooler Master’s CES centerpiece, a new hybrid wireless mechanical keyboard engineered and designed for enthusiasts. It’s the first gasket-mounted keyboard made by Cooler Master, a construction style that offers a cleaner sound profile as well as flexible typing feel. In addition, it has all the features mechanical keyboard collectors and users love: Kailh Box V2 switches, hot swappable switch capability, and a 3-way precision wheel. The MK770 will be available with PBT double shot keycaps in a variety of fun, unique color patterns to complement anyone’s individuality.

This image is a digital render, not the actual product – final production may have differences:

Beyond this keyboard, Cooler Master is bringing us a long list of other products. Here are some of them:

The Stream Lux is a full-spectrum LED light that provides proper lighting for anyone on-camera. Ideal for streamers, gamers, content creators and remote workers, it’s calibrated to be as natural looking as possible.

The Stream Lucid is a USB-C mic that enables clear, high-quality audio for livestreams, video and audio recording. A built-in filter reduces popping and static, while USB-C connectivity ensures plug-and-play capability with virtually all PCs, Macs and consoles.

The Stream Origins records your greatest gaming victories with supreme ease. Simple USB connection to a PC or Mac enables instant plug-and-play capture capabilities with every next-gen console, recording up to 4K 60fps HDR.

Cooler Master’s second run of limited-edition Sakura peripherals includes some of their most popular products released this past year. This includes the CK721 mechanical keyboard, the MM712 lightweight mouse and the MP511 XL mousepad — all adorned in a beautiful striking cherry blossom pink. 

The SH711 Headset puts Cooler Master’s focus on the music and listening experience. The wireless headset is engineered with ANC and a special dual-chamber design with 40mm speakers to deliver premium audio quality in a luxury package.

The MH731 Headset continues to focus on audiophile needs with a headset designed to deliver high fidelity above anything else. With a 3.5mm connection, it’s an analog headset with a detachable boom microphone for optimal audio quality. A closed-back design and 50mm speakers deliver dynamic sound for maximum realism, while a broadcast-quality boom microphone offers crystal-clear audio for daily needs like livestreaming, in-game chats, listening to music and movies, and more.

That is not all, but a nice look at what to expect from Cooler Master at CES this year. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these knowing the quality that Cooler Master brings us!

Peripherals and Components to Watch For

So Cooler Master, tell me, will the Sneaker X help me jump higher? 39 and still can’t dunk…

From HAF goodness of the golden days, to sharks and shoes (a journey I would love to explore)! Cooler Master has out done themselves in aesthetics alone. We cannot wait to walk the floor and see all 50 of the items they will have on display. Keep those F5’s hot for more from CES 2023!

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