Review: EWIN Champion Series Chair – CPG Fabric

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EWIN Champion Series

The E-WIN Champion Series Chair is a robust and well put together chair. It has some amazing 4-D armrests as well as an 85 degree recline. The ordering options gives you the choice of PU leather or CPG fabric with several color options. This piece of furniture can hold up to 400lbs! That is partially thanks to the superb cushion quality and also a fair amount of thanks owed to the metal construction used on the base and star (also known as the wheel piece – the wheels themselves are durable plastic).

This soft-textured fabric gaming chair is plush yet, firm in its approach to comfort, while being stylish and minimalistic in its look. I was truly blown away by the ease of assembly and the feel of the final product. This is a heavy-duty gaming chair – very resilient during long gaming sessions. Your back and bottom will appreciate this chair!

Assembly Required, Batteries Not Included

In the image above, you can see all the parts required for assembly. The good news is, when building this chair, it had simple-to-follow instructions that let me build it in under an hour. The construction was super simple, and you can see and feel the quality of each part. E-WIN also included gloves, so you don’t leave fingerprints while you put the chair together. Don’t let all those parts intimidate you.

You start by removing two pre mounted screws on each side. Once removed you can place the backrest on the seat and mount the screws and side covers (side covers are to cover up the exposed metal bits). You then flip the chair so you can see the bottom where you can unscrew the centermost pre-mounted screws. At this stage, you can add the tray platform, making sure that is facing forward as well as the hydraulic contraption (it has arrows to assist).

That’s it for the seat portion, now we move to the star-base and wheels. The wheels were simple push into the star-base. After you are done with the wheels you can flip the star over and insert the hydraulic system and then place the seat, completing the chair overall.

Testing Our New Seat

The first thing we had to test was the reclining. It is great for comfort and some relaxation; however, from experience with other EWIN chairs, don’t use it as a bed or you might find yourself being picked up off the floor! Within reason, they are great to recline a little. If you flatten these chairs out and imbalance the weight, they will tip over. Proceed with caution!

In my office space, we also own an EWIN Flash XL and a did a comparison with this Champion chair. We performed multiple long gaming sessions in both chairs, and both are very comfortable for long sessions. The XL is made for taller (and sometimes wider ;)) gamers. The Champion chair is more for a smaller or average sized gamer. After a few 6-8 hour sessions in each chair, as long as you fit, the comfort is on point either way. EWIN really lands right with the competition in terms of comfort and stability of their product. The 4-d arms on both models are great for pampering your trigger finger and the wheels move flawlessly on our wood floors (sorry, no carpet here folks). The cushioning of the seat, back, and pillows did not seem to be phased either. Each new sit was as good as the first!
Our verdict in comparing the two is pretty straight forward. Big and Tall gamers should stick to the EWIN Flash XL. Average or smaller gamers, will be right at home and just as cozy in this AMAZING (and now my daily driver) EWIN Champion chair. I personally do like the breathability of the chair I received; however, you are able to select different textures and color combos to suit your needs!

My Final Thoughts

When people first start living life at a desk, they often underestimate the power of a good chair. Having a good chair for gaming or work is a necessity. Your back, your posture, and even your focus are impacted negatively when you are uncomfortably sitting four hours on end. Even if a chair feels right, it does not necessarily mean it is good for your body. Now, I do not have a medical background; however, I can tell you that these chairs are better on your body than a lot of chairs I have used that cost more than double (such as the 12+ hour chairs at Office Depot). For my back, I choose EWIN.

Our Flash XL we mentioned is an older chair that, so far has stood the test of time. It is over 5 years old and has seen many sweaty sessions. This particular chair was used at our old physical location by several workers/gamers, travelled across the map, and has been with us for about 3 years. It’s cushions are still perfect, the material barely shows any signs of wear, and it still is ready to conquer the greatest lands on the longest journeys in any game you wish to explore!

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