PAX West 2022: The Gore Fest that is Turbo Overkill

By Published On: September 10, 2022Categories: Gaming, News

The Old Inspires the New

Starting development in 2019, Turbo Overkill is a fully moddable, modern, and gory take on the classic Doom or Duke Nukem type of game meant to be played at a very fast pace. In the eyes of the awesome dev, Sam, it is his dream shooter and I have a hard time saying it is not mine. With full air mobility and body mods that allow you to increase and change your movement, it is hard not to pick up this title. People who want a longer title are in luck as it takes about six to eight hours to beat Chapter One. Now you are probably thinking, that is not long at all. Wait until I tell you that there are going to be two more chapters, both of which are projected to be about the same amount of time. That is 18 to 24 hours of gameplay! Of course, that does not include the endless hours you’ll get from all of the mods people in the community are making all the time.

Customization Fever

Speaking of mods, there are going to be around 30 of them to play around with, like the ability to jump off walls for your legs and a grapple hook for one of your arms. Luckily for you, you get two mods from the get-go. You start out with an implant that allows you to slow down time and do what is essentially a glory kill from Doom Eternal, but with every enemy that is around you that you can shoot. The second and probably the most important is a chainsaw for a leg. With it, you can slide into baddies and mince them up along with all sorts of other things.

Turbo Overkill may have a lot of upgrades to find, but it also has a lot of secrets to find as well. Be it collectables to find or levels, the game has it. The fact that the devs are listening to fans means that the game has a lot going for it, and honestly, I’m here for it. I am excited for the other two episodes to come out around March and/or April.

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