PAX West 2022: Slay to the Beat: God of Riffs

By Published On: September 3, 2022Categories: Gaming, News

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Time to Rock!

On the first day of PAX West, we visited various gaming exhibits ranging from different RPGs to MMOs as well as an up-and-coming game called God of Riffs! This creation is a new virtual reality rhythm game that follows heavy metal themes as you go into battle fighting skeletons and other creatures while slaying to the beat!

Axing through the Mechanics!

Watching and experiencing this game definitely makes you think of similar popular titles such as Beat Saber, but God of Riffs makes its own differences in order to differentiate itself. In Beat Saber, your objective is to slice the respective cubes, but God of Riffs gives the player more control over their challenges. As the player, ¬†you take the mantle of a nameless character. Holding a different colored axe in both your hands provides the context of the game; the blue and red guitars kill their respective skeletons on the screen. While slowly powering you up and allowing the player to unleash powerful lightning abilities that control the battlefield. Visually, this game is simple yet beautiful where you’re set in different environments for each round. It gives an immersive experience where you can battle it out in the depths of a volcano or fight in a skeleton king’s throne room. That’s right, according to the developers, Boss Music Games, hopes to integrate bosses within the game in the future.

Along with bosses being added, the creators also hope to bring various different and new concepts that we haven’t really seen yet in the VR rhythm world. In hopes of strafing away from similar games, the developers aim to release a story mode DLC which would create a uniqueness other VR rhythm games don’t really have. Not only that, but they also plan on integrating the ability to add virtual avatars, expanding the types of enemies and their attacks, a type of map creator, power-ups, and so much more.

Bad to the Bones!

God of Riffs gives a new taste to virtual reality rhythm games, giving us a more adventurous approach with a focus on mythological beings. While doing this it manages to hold itself well in the middle of many rhythm titles, with, plenty of room to develop upon its previous accomplishments. From the looks of it, the game seems to be going in the right direction and hopefully is able to continue its journey into the land of music and games. What do you say, it’s time to go fight some skeletons but don’t miss a beat!

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