PAX West 2022: METAL CORE – Mechs galore!

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Mechs. PvP. Destruction. Yes, please.

Metal Core a fast paced exciting open world shooter with mechs, planes, and tanks. It is triple A quality and was one of those most gorgeous games at PAX West 2022 in Seattle. Best of all? It is free to play. Check out the trailer:

The Year 2269: It begins.

As the story goes (from their website):


The central government on Earth struggles to maintain order in the outer rim as resource scarcity threatens the survival of humankind.”

From here, technology advances and humans innovate towards colonizing other solar systems. It gains a bit of a story similar to Battlestar Galactica or The 100 – where all that is left is one last ship, the Arc. The Arc, after lots of work (and time, lots of time), finally makes it to a metal rich planet: TRM-175: KERBEROS.

After centuries of efforts and dismay, in a time where the original mission is but a faint memory – factions have formed within the civilization. Here, in 3300, is where our journey begins. Factions. Aliens. Boom Boom – shoot ’em up!

From this chaos emerges an incredible new technology. You can join one of three factions, the despotic Gearbreakers, theocratic Holy Corporation, or anarchic Metalpunks. You can also be a baron and have vassals fight for you if fighting isn’t really your thing. While you are a baron you can get land to mine resources and have others borrow or rent vehicles from your faction to split the spoils with. Speaking about vehicles, you can make new ones from blueprints and do with them as you please. If you want to keep it you can but, if you want to sell it or lend it to someone, you can do that as well.

This game is going to be an open world experience with PvP or PvE matches or missions. While the developers admit inspiration from PlanetSide 2 – their approach is going to be quite different. We were told this game is going to be similar in game play but with up-to-date mechanics and mechs. You can play as infantry, a mech pilot, or you can drive tanks and planes against people in 50v50 matches.

This is plugging a hole in the shooter genre that we have not had since PlanetSide 2 and that is truly exciting for fans everywhere.  They had a couple of exciting updates from Pax and one that really stood out for me was that you could share your mechs with your guild.  So I will be able to share my mechs with my other DVS people – even the ones I construct!  All in all I am super excited to play this game and look forward to testing further.

Free-to-play and Must Try

Trying the game and talking about it really does not do the quality of this product justice. It was just fantastic, and you need to try it the second it hits early access. I have demoed triple A games and many indie games. Nothing quite brings the excitement of beautiful artwork, an immersive world, and freaking mechs. If you are looking for partners in destruction, always feel free to join the DVS discord and we can suit up, roll out and whatever other cliché you can imagine!

Check out the media slider below to see more of this upcoming title.

All artwork was provided by Metal Core.

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