Voyage is a Piece of Art

By Published On: August 18, 2022Categories: Featured, Gaming

Voyage is Beautiful

Voyage is a masterful work of art packed into a small package. With its interpretive story and absolutely wonderful artwork, Voyage takes two survivors across a peaceful alien world as they seek a way back to the stars. It is a simple and relaxing game that anyone, young or old can pick up and play. The game play is very simple and easy to follow, as you guide the two survivors to their destination. The puzzles are not demanding in any capacity, and if you truly get stuck, there is a button that points out what you need to interact with to progress.

The serene landscapes are all hand painted and plentiful, as the game shows the alien world in a way that is hard to forget. Each place you visit along your journey is different than the last; meaning the backgrounds are always changing and bring a sense of awe as you march forward. Your immersion is complimented with the soundtrack bringing a sense of calm and wonder as you play. The artwork and music culminate together to make a wonderful game full of emotion, without a single word being spoken.

About my Voyage

I personally really enjoyed Voyage and would play it again. It really put in perspective how we can’t do everything alone as the core of the game is working together. The two survivors are always there to help one another be it a rock that is too heavy to push alone or to clime a ledge that is too high for one person. This game can be played alone or co-op, but single player does not hinder the experience. Though counterproductive to the together narrative that I am stating, playing alone might be the preferred way to play as brother and sister work together with no prompt or dialog, they are in sync with each other.

Voyage is truly wonderful and impactful, but it is not without fault. This game, in my opinion, is really short. It can be completed in around two to four hours and would be even shorter if the slow walking cycle was sped up any. This is not a fault but a warning, if you are looking for a game with challenging puzzles that make you think, then this game might not have what you are looking for. Voyage is purposely made to have very simple puzzles that don’t diminish the calm atmosphere.

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Voyage is a calm adventure title with great artwork and music. It has a variety of locations that you must go through and an interesting story to learn about. It is short but sweet if not a little dragged out by the walking speed. With that said, it does have a bit of replay-ability and is available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch for $14.99 and can go on sale for $11.99. I would recommend this game to anyone that needs a couple of hours just to chill out and as an added bonus, you get to see beautiful artwork in motion.

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