Long Live the Queen is Now on the Nintendo Switch

By Published On: August 9, 2022Categories: Gaming

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Long Live the Queen now on Switch

Long Live the Queen may not be my cup of tea, but I can see the appeal it has for others. It is an anime styled graphic story game, where you guide fourteen-year-old Elodie on how to be a queen and not die in the process. To do so, you must choose what classes must be taken based on how Elodie is feeling that week. Story elements can affect how she feels, changing how she learns each subject every week, but if she does not have the knowledge on a certain subject, she can fail tasks in the story.

If you are a fan of choose your own adventure – this will be a game you may want to  pick up. It has elements of politics, fantasy, disarray, drama and self-growth. You will find yourself addressing beggars needing money, helping repair parts of the city, entertaining conversations and the list could go on. The story feels much deeper than some games in the genre – yet very shallow overall. With all of the chaos going around, you also have to keep yourself happy and in good company (your character will get lonely and sad over time). This means paying attention to stats that need increasing by training, adventuring or even dancing. Your stats do not decrease as a penalty of other actions – so it is just about meeting goals as the timing is right. As with a lot of the anime style games in this genre, there are also sexual elements if that is something you desire. Another strong point is the replay ability of this title. You can build up Elodie in many different styles and see her different outcomes but, in my opinion, the strongest point by far is that you can take the game on go. This title is currently available on the Nintendo Switch system.

In Conclusion

As a gamer, if you wish to relax and sit around for a little while to help out this princess, then this game is not a bad choice for you. It is story driven (albeit shallow) and feels a bit like an interactive tale (sort of like the Tale Tale games of the past). On the other hand, if you wish for a more involved title then I recommend something else. This game is fun for a few minutes – it just lacks the depth, detail and immersion to make it a title for a larger crowd. I hope to see more from the developer and perhaps, some deeper or more challenging titles in this social simulation genre will come to our finger tips!

Like I have said this game is not for me, but I can recommend it to those that like to play games in this genre or want to give one  a try. Performance wise this game runs perfectly on the switch, making it a perfect game to relax in on the go. For $9.99 this game can provide you with hours of fun, as you help Elodie rise to the throne! Available now on PS4, PS5 and the Switch.

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