World of Warcraft’s New Expansion

By Published On: July 26, 2022Categories: Featured, Gaming

To WoW or not to WoW?

Is World of Warcraft more than just a game for you? Some might say World of Warcraft is a feeling and I tend to agree with this statement. I personally was in middle school when I got beta access to this silly landscape filled with pointed ears and misunderstood green-skinned thicc boys. Since the beta, I have played every single expansion minus the classic relaunch of The Burning Crusade. Hot take, but I personally hated TBC and thought it was dog water. Hate me for it all you want, but you didn’t play Fritzantor the Warrior. I already had to live with a misspelled toon name, and the added nerf was just additional unnecessary trauma. It is hard to imagine WoW came out in 2004 and has been running with new content annually ever since. I was a child when the game was fully released, and I am approaching my mid-30s now. I have had a longer relationship with WoW than with any romantic partner I’ve ever had. As the next generation would say, “Sheesh.” Currently on the horizon is one new adventure, one new purchase, and an attempt by Blizzard to take another small part of my soul.  All jokes aside if you are like me, you are currently asking yourself this question, “To WoW or not to WoW?”

I can be a dragon though…

Dragonflight opens the Dragon Isles for players to explore this December. Blizzard is dropping a new player-class combo known as the Dracthyr Evoker. The Evokers will be able to switch between a dragon and human form. They are tied to no faction, so you can play either Alliance or Horde. In addition to this new class, there will be a new form of travel open to anyone. To master this mount, you will need to become a Dragonrider. This system is almost like an additional class to your main, allowing you to learn aerial combat moves needed to defeat enemies in the skies above the Dragon Isles. Blizzard looks to also be returning to a talent system that resembles classic WoW. Additionally, we will get the usual new raids, dungeons, a raised level cap, new expansion-related crafting, and a few new UI changes. However, I personally am still asking myself if it is worth my time investment. Is it fun or is it just more work on a busy day? The game does look like it will have it’s fun moments, but will it just be another theme park to visit and drop after 1 month of play? I guess the only way to find out is to WoW and see for myself.

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