New Mods for Stray

By Published On: July 26, 2022Categories: Featured, Gaming


Modding Cats Into Stray

Stray has become quite the trendy game since its release last week. The latest development has been players being able to mod their own pets into the game. This new feature has been attracting more players and attention over time, bringing the game much popularity.

Since the release, players are finding themselves alternating the feline protagonist with their very own furry friends. You heard that correct, that cute orange cat in Stray can be turned into your very own pet. Though, this can only happen through a means of modifying the appearance of the furry friend, which can be difficult for some to do – or the modifications don’t always work right. For instance, the way the game handles cat eyes makes it very difficult for them to be changed, making some people’s in-game feline friends not look 100% like their real-life doppelganger. To help with the challenges, modding sites have created easier solutions for users to take advantage of. Issues aside, it does look like many people are succeeding in uploading their own fur babies into the game. The results have become a world filled with a wide variety of people playing as their own pets.

If you haven’t played it yet, Stray is becoming increasingly more popular every day as you get to step into the life of paws and adventure into a cyberpunk world full of different colors. With a genuinely compelling story and some entertaining action along the way, Stray pushes the concept of a silent protagonist within the world of video games. Now, with the ability to play as your very own feline friend, the game appeals to more people each day.

About the Author: Grace Ocker