Chinese Themed City Builder: Worth a try?

By Published On: July 26, 2022Categories: Featured, Gaming

Image source: Seasun Games

City Building with Chinese Architecture

If you’re one of those people that dreams back on the days when you spent hours building cities in Sim-City, just a spunky city planner trying to make your citizens happy, I have a game you might want to check out: “Ballads of Hongye”. This is a city building game based in ancient China, being released by developer Seasun Games in Autumn 2022 on Steam. Now it has all the typical city building and management strategy you would expect from a game like this; however, the thing that first appealed to me is the artwork and animations. They’re beautiful. When you have a team put together that has an eye for detail and interesting structure models paired with an intuitive AI, you have the perfect recipe for immersion.

During your construction, you’ll have to battle/face all the typical challenges that comes with any city builder. This means mitigating disasters, both environmental and urban. The developers even allude to some force that is working against you. Mysterious, right? There is of course a talent or ability tree, as well as unlocking of new blueprints and development of new strategies. The only downside for a player like me, is I don’t see a multiplayer element, but that is not what the developer intended.

Source: Seasun Games

You will also find a timed mode where you work against the clock, but if you want to just enjoy the beautiful environment you are building your ancient Chinese city in, there is a casual mode as well. Either way, this game is definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you’re the type of person that likes to be tortured by your citizens and you have a need to be a people pleaser. We can’t wait to see how this game stacks up against the competition. Good luck in your gaming adventures!

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