E3 Expo 2023? Just Maybe…

By Published On: June 14, 2022Categories: Editorials, Featured
PAX East 2022

Pax East 2022 – Boston, MA

E3 could be Returning 2023

2023 E3

After years of dealing with canceled events from Covid, we are finally getting an in-person experience again at E3. Digital events have made a huge showing due to all the health concerns throughout the pandemic. Some were curious if in-person events would be a thing at all again. We have seen PAX pop back up and Gamescom. I can be one of the first to tell you, being in-person for events is something else. This is an experience streaming services can never replace.

These events bring the idea of being able to connect with other like-minded individuals, see each other, talk to people, and just have social interactions with people who are interested in the same thing together: Gaming. E3 has been leading video gaming announcements since 1995 with their conventions in the Los Angeles area. ESA has stated that their main concern for canceling E3 has been Covid-19 and declined to comment on the controversies that were around the 2021 event. This will bring concern as to if this event will be canceled in the weeks before like scheduled E3 events the past couple of years. It will also make us curious of the developer showing since the event break has allowed video game creators room to relax, evolve and to reduce their costs for such events. We are looking forward to watch this list prove those theories wrong.

In our current climate and with current events, people in government are once again citing that video games are linked to violence and crime rates. ESA President Stan Pierre-Louis decided to break silence on that claim:

“We discourage baseless accusations linking these tragedies to video gameplay because they science is clear and has been for a long time: Independent research points to the fact that video games don’t serve as a source for real world violence…” (Stan Pierre-Louis, 2022). With the Government still wanting to place blame on video games, it brings concern to the type of games we may see in the next few years. It also, in the current world, puts gaming in a place that it may be time to answer with a different message. I am curious to see if that is the case. Regardless, DVS Gaming will be there and along to support the journey.

With the new E3 evolving, whether it be in person or digital, we will have our tried and true stage back for developers to display new creations for the gaming world. Hardware, software and even prototypes are often showcased – and in person means hands-on! How many times have you had a stressful day, only to get home and fire up your console to play a round of COD with your buddies in other states (or even countries) around the world? How often do your evening plans include an otherwise stranger that will finally help you conquer that dungeon? The gaming community can be unlike any other community. A community to kill time, a community to help you grow and a community to lean on when times are trying you. The gaming world creates access to life-long friends that are otherwise non-existent in your day-to-day life. With E3, they enable a platform that bring that friendship and companionship into a convention setting. From virtual to reality – a place for you and yours to chill, learn and just hang out – all while allowing you to gain insight into future games, content and gaming world advancements. In my mind, with everything that has been going on the last few years, this is what is truly needed for the gaming community. More events. More news. More excitement.

Keep stopping by. As events unfold in this post pandemic life, we will be tracking them. Soon (hopefully), we will have some great news for 2023 E3 delivered straight to your screens!

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