Stacklands by Sokpop Collection

By Published On: April 28, 2022Categories: Gaming

Who is Sokpop collective and what they developed: Stacklands

Indie developer Sokpop Games, brought us a simple yet, extremely entertaining title this month with Stacklands. For those of you who have not heard of SokPop Collective, this small team of developers set out with a goal to release 1 new game every month since their inception in 2017. Now, with Stacklands, I believe they struck gold! This card-based village-sim made me want to return time-and-time again in order to beat the game, create a village that could be self-sufficient and defeat any enemies that may attack my village.

Gameplay and features

Through the action of stacking cards you can perform many actions such as collecting food, building structures and fighting creatures. You can sell excess cards to get coins, which you can then use to buy Card Packs. Packs contain multiple cards that you can use to expand your village. Every pack has a primary focus such as cooking, farming or Building. Always keep in mind though, that your many villagers need to eat. If you ever run out of enough food to feed them each day cycle, they will start dropping like flies!

So many reasons to deal yourself in!

Sokpop Collective said the game will take around 5 hours to complete. I found this to be the case, but also saw after beating the final boss and completing the final mission, the game does not have to stop there. The day cycles continue to go on, and the enemies that attack continue to get progressively harder to take out. There is plenty of repeatability here as you collect the 100+ available cards and complete the 50+ missions. This addictive game can be picked up from steam or for just $5. At this low price, we hope to see everyone enjoying this great game! Due to its popularity, the devs have also mentioned plans to add more cards (50-100 each update) to the game in the future. While checking out Stacklands, look them up and check out their other many titles. We will keep an eye out for what these devs bring us in the future!,

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