SHADOW Cloud-Computing is Hosting a new Event- Tune in, LIVE May 18th

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Explore Shadow’s Vision – Get updates live, May 18th!

Paris, FRANCE – April 27, 2022 – SHADOW will host its first ever Shadow Spotlight keynote, a live event during which the cloud specialist will unveil its strategic vision for the coming years and deliver on promises made to its community.

Throughout this ongoing pandemic, many of us have found ourselves scrounging for solutions to game or work on. Consoles were not on shelves, PCs (prebuilt and components alike) were either overpriced or out of reach. Even tablets and cellphones felt the heat. We were forced to think outside of the box of buying a product and carrying on. With this being the experience, people discovered solutions within the cloud-computing market. This overwhelmed some services, such as Shadow, a global cloud-computing service with some focus on gaming and professional use cases, accessible on any device.

When the pandemic peaked, their services also peaked and plummeted in some regions. The users signing up were overwhelming and they had to re-think their processes. Anyone who has tried to sign up for Shadow lately, will know that it comes along with a hefty waiting period and a higher subscription price. The hardware prices/shortages we all faced were impacting their quality of service to their users.

It was a minor hiccup and now Shadow is ready to deliver it’s new strategy! Shadow has acquired new talent to reach new heights and maintain standards. Spotlight is a new event, where they will not only update on promises made; it will also shed light on their new vision and answer questions to media. If you are interested or even curious, Shadow is one of the best cloud-computing options out there, tune in to their live event on May 18th:

The first Shadow Spotlight will be broadcast May 18 at 17:00 CEST / 15:00 UTC / 08:00 PDT on:

Shadow is slated to have a great 2022 all while delivering state-of-the-art cloud-computing options right to whatever device you have available. If Shadow is a new concept for you or one you would like to revisit – hop on over to their site: it is an amazing product and I cannot wait to hear what they have next!

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