PAX First Look! Turbo Overkill from Apogee Entertainment

By Published On: April 22, 2022Categories: Gaming

Steam Early Release April 22, 2022 – Yes, tomorrow!

Lock and Load as you run into battle to shoot enemies in this fast paced FPS brought to you by Apogee Entertainment. As you navigate your way through the city of Paradise as Johnny Overkill you will have to fight your way through hordes of cybernetic minions called Syn who have overrun the city.

During your adventure, you will find your drip fed plenty of weapons to make your fight varied and exciting. On top of the plenty of weapon choices, you will make use of the games extensive movement options and your handy chain saw leg. Yes! We said chain saw leg. You will jump, slide, and dash through the Syn as you find yourself quickly spreading the guts of these cyber-netic enemies all over the levels.

We are happy to announce that this title is moving into Early Access. Starting tomorrow, 4/22/22 this will be available on Steam for all to enjoy. As it felt, the game is full of great content and ready to play. As gamers, we are never satisfied. With that, you can easily see plenty of great content is coming down the pipe. As all early access games go, it may start as rough gem – yet this team is ready to provide a fully finished game and more hours of fun for you to enjoy.

This retro game brings Apogee back into its glory years with a Cyberpunk-esque look and that old school nostalgia of the classic Wolfenstein. The demo was extremely smooth and in my opinion ready for the world to see! With its crisp graphics, solid music, and smooth gameplay you will find yourself playing this game for hours on end as you experience the best that Apogee has to offer in this showcase of its former glory.

Click this link to find it on Steam!

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