Pax East 2022- The Day we Fought Space! Preview

By Published On: April 22, 2022Categories: Gaming

Pax East 2022 First look at The Day We Fought Space from developer Tursiops Truncatus Studios

Launch into this physics based mobile shooter from Tursiops Truncatus Studios and take control of this retro-esque spaceship alien shooter with a few twists! This game brings to life the original artwork from Susan Schaffer, as you progress through numerous alien filled levels to retake the enemy territory you will use various upgrades and weapon choice as well as some good reliable physics to destroy any enemies in your path and complete the game.

The core game includes over 20 hours of game-play to beat the game, but rest any concerns because there is plenty of replay-ability with random levels and increasing difficulty options available to users who have mastered the game! With the 3 ship types and multitude of upgrades and enhancements available to unlock on your ship of choice you can guarantee to find a combination that fits your play-style whether you are barraging through with the wacky plasma dangler or using the guided missiles to blast away enemies.

We got a hands on look at the title at Pax East 2022 and can say it is best played with 2 hands using your left to control the ship and the right to target shoot, and control your fire spread with pinches. For those playing on the go or who need to hold your device with 2 hands there are numerous accessibility options that when changed allow you to have full control of the game with just 2 fingers. Make sure you pick up this title on release and we will see how high you can get on the global leader board! The Day We Fought Space will take off in the Apple Store towards the end of May, 2022.

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