PAX East 2022: Elements an RPG by Apogee – Kickstarter coming!

By Published On: April 22, 2022Categories: Gaming

Elements – The RPG

PAX East 2022 has brought us another possible gem: Elements. Elements brings a very colorful open world RPG into not only our adult lives, but the lives of our children. When I was younger I struggled with some RPG’s especially some of the Zelda titles. It took me going back to the games years later, when I was a bit older to complete the game. These types of games that include puzzles and mysteries, teach us the value of problem solving lessons. It is awesome to see the developers of this game decided to add in components for children that will help instill some positive life lessons. When I was a child, it was near impossible for me to get my parents to play video games with me. Today is very different. Many of us welcome the chance to spend some quality gaming time with our family. Elements has the ability to be a gateway for children to get introduced into the world of open world RPGs. This game can deliver while still having enough depth for us adults to lose ourselves in the fantasy world of Elemythia.

Elements is driven by an astonishing storyline that will keep you captivated as you progress through your quest and the open expansive world. You have the ability to make choices without affecting the storyline progress. The gameplay allows you the choice to help local NPCs with quests to complete the various areas or alternatively find and fight mini-bosses scattered around the world. You will have at least 8 Mega Bosses to defeat along the way; but, never fear! Help is near! The game includes a companion feature so that you have a little extra support and options. If that isn’t enough help for you, get ready for this: the game was designed to be played split screen and it is planned to be co-op/Steam remote play compatible. I hope that you want to partner up with a friend and jump into the wonderful world of Element.

The Elements team plan to soon have a Kickstarter created to further enhance the features and development cycle. With already big names Like Patricia Summerset (Voice of Zelda), being the voice actor of one of the main characters, it will be exciting to see what the team is able to bring to the table with the extra funding! We hope you are as excited as we are to explore, build, and fight your way through the regions of Elemythia – enhancing your weapons and learning new magic, solving many challenging puzzles along the way!

Check out the gallery below for the reveal trailer and some screenshots – then don’t forget to add Elements to your Steam wishlist!

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