Epic partners with Brazilian developers AQUIRIS

By Published On: April 27, 2022Categories: Gaming, News

AQUIRIS and Epic – The Partnership

The Brazilian studio, AQUIRIS, best known for the award-winning titles such as Wonderbox and Horizon Chase – have announced a multi-game publishing agreement with Epic! This partnership is amazing and will help the Brazilian gaming market evolve for many years to come.

“The LATAM Studios have been producing really great games,” says Sandro Manfredini, Business Director at AQUIRIS. “Epic Games’ investment in AQUIRIS is a milestone that we expect to bring more opportunities and visibility to what’s coming out from our region.”

This is exciting news for Brazilian gaming companies, hot on the heels of the upcoming  Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (Big Festival) 2022 . This is the largest gaming event in Latin America. The 2019 event generated more than 65 million USD in revenue and netted the region partnerships/relationships with industry giants like Nintendo and EPIC.  This event had more than 5,642 business meetings between developers and publishers. This is as fantastic spotlight on one of the largest gaming regions of the world – ranked first in Latin America and 12th globally as a 2.3 billion dollar (USD) industry.

I feel this is just the beginning. We are looking forward  to new great titles, news and partnerships coming out of what has become one of the hottest gaming markets in 2022!

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