PAX East 2022: Dread Delusion – One of FIVE new/upcoming Dread XP games!

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Dread XP – Positively Spooky at PAX East 2022

Dread XP and their PAX debut

Dread XP is an independent horror publisher and production company. Two years after they released their first game, they are here – at PAX East 2022, making their debut with a bit of a bang!

This team came in to their debut hot with 5 new demos for fans:

Dread Delusion: An open world RPG with a retro-aesthetic that’s brimming with strange places and dark perils. Carve your own path through the flying continents of a shattered land. Discover curious towns, unearth occult secrets, master powerful magic, and change the world through your choices.

My Friendly Neighborhood: Step into the work-boots of Gordon, a repairman tasked with shutting down the sudden broadcast of a canceled childrens’ TV show. Back in the day, fans loved the show’s colorful cast of kooky puppet pals who took them on educational adventures and delighted them with fun games. But the show’s popularity waned over time, and the studio had to ultimately shut its doors. Then, one night years later, the show suddenly reappears for a surprise encore… are those puppets eating each other!?

The Mortuary Assistant: Having completed your degree in mortuary sciences, you have taken on an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. You have heard rumors of families believing that their deceased loved ones in your care were possessed or otherwise entangled with the paranormal. Late one night, you are called into work to handle some embalmings. The phone rings with the Mortician on the other end. The rumors are true, and you can not leave.

SPOOKWARE Multiplayer: An all-new multiplayer mode is coming to SPOOKWARE, DreadXP’s fast-paced microgame collection inspired by classic horror icons. Attendees at PAX East 2022 will be first to try out the new mode.

Sucker for Love: First Date: Released last January, DreadXP’s Lovecraftian dating sim visual novel has become a smash-hit! If you somehow missed the game (このバカ!), check it out at PAX East. In the game, you must conduct occult rituals in order to romance a trio of bubbly Eldritch horrors. You’ll face many terrors in this quest to obtain a smoosh from an elder god. Good luck.

Dread Delusion – Hands On

Today we were able to speak with one of the Producers/Content Managers at Dread XP, Abbey Smith. She was able to talk to us a bit about Dread Delusion, an upcoming PC RPG…and then she let us play it. It is fantastic!

Dread XP. Images by: Dread XP

Gameplay is exactly as smooth as you expect an action RPG to play. Hack, slash, spell casting and retro vibes to flow through you as explore their wonderfully designed, OPEN world. The 3D aesthetics are top of the class for this genre. We didn’t have time to really get into the lore or narratives. I plan to walk back by their booth and talk about this, before we go. If the story is as good as the game looked and felt in the exclusive exhibit demo, any horror fan will be in for a treat.

I can’t wait to get more hands on with this as this story unfolds. Playing the demo, we were a bit depressed to hear there is no multi-player option. Hey Dread XP, Abbey let us know it isn’t in the current pipeline. Can we encourage you to hire that plumber?

Here is a bit more about the game:


The world is broken. Its surface seethes with an undead curse, while humanity clings to flying continents in the sky. From mushroom forests to undead mausoleums, strange places and people await you. But will you find a way to heal this world – or seek power and profit for yourself?
With a beautiful retro 3D aesthetic, Dread Delusion is an open world RPG focused on player choice. Uncover a rich, interactive narrative through the game’s quests, or pick a direction and explore by yourself.

Carve your own path. A keen mind or charming wit can prove just as useful as a sword; and your decisions will shape how the story unfolds.
Towns offer a needed respite for the weary traveller. Sleep through the night, trade goods, accept quests and speak with the locals.


  • Embark on a central quest-line that will decide the fate of the land, or discover optional stories and challenges.
  • With a varied skill system, there’s always an alternative to combat. Charm people, pick locks or use secret knowledge.
  • Upgrade weapons – turn a rusty blade into a mastercrafted clockwork contraption.
  • Amass a variety of powerful spells and potions to bend reality to your will.

If you are hanging out at PAX East 2022, swing by their booth, #20079 or if you are remotely following, add this to your Steam wishlist! This one is definitely worth checking out!

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