Dandy & Randy DX – Releases April 29th on Steam, XBox, Switch and PlayStation!

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Dandy & Randy DX: Simple yet, Satisfying

On the 25th of April 2022, Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with Brazil indie developer Asteristic Game Studio, has announced the digital release of Dandy & Randy DX for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Steam PC and Nintendo Switch  set for April 29th 2022.

Based on and inspired by a true story, a real cutesy action adventure puzzler that draws inspiration from old fashioned gaming fun and a challenge with Dandy and Randy, the main cast, can be played alone or with a friend  to double the excitement in co-op mode!

About Dandy & Randy

Do not let the simple look of this game fool you. This game is colorful, funny and has lots of puzzles to keep you busy while you solve them. The world is truly beautiful – and comes along with a great chiptune OST!

Dandy Duck, the main character, is a pink duck. He is an archeologist that loves adventure and hates debt. Randy Rabbit (a blue rabbit) loves flying his plane, technology and as you may have guessed: adventures.

Dandy and Randy have found themselves in serious debt with a large bank. While on the brink of bankruptcy, they receive a promotional flyer with a get rich scheme on a faraway island. Since they are backed into a financial corner, they are forced to take us on this adventure.

The Adventure and Features

Throughout your adventure, you will encounter a host of enemies with this adventurous duo such as Otto the Octopus, the first boss, and a member of the NoGood pirates – who you will also encounter while on the island. You will also encounter Bruno the Bear from the NoGood pirates and their boss, Natlia NoGood.

Along your journey, you will find items like a boomerang that allows players to stun enemies or grab items in the distance. There is also a hammer for breaking stones and allowing paths to be opened up to new treasures and discoveries. Then there is a Hookshot for crossing dangerous swamp areas and running shoes – which you probably can guess – helps you run faster to save your life in dangerous situations or solve puzzles quicker.

Lots of Features:

  • Lots of Routes
  • Lots of Equipment
  • Lots of Enemies
  • Lots of Goodies
  • Lots of Unlockable Characters
  • Lots of Puzzles

Personally, I can’t wait – as the developers say – to “get rich or die trying!”. I will be writing a gameplay review later on. If you are like many of us true gamers, and are ready to travel with Dandy & Randy to help them succeed, April 29th is just around the corner. Great news though, there is a demo available on Steam ! Wishlist this on your preferred platform today and don’t miss out on this new adventure from Ratalaika Games S.L. and Asteristic Game Studio! (Visit Asteristic Game Stuidio’s site for more of their games.)

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