LucidSound LS50X Xbox Headset Review

By Published On: December 5, 2021Categories: Gaming, Reviews

A sound decision for those that own an Xbox series console.

The name LucidSound may not resonate as loudly as Turtle Beach or Razer just yet, but this small company is going places when it comes to creating top-tier gaming headsets. And its latest edition for Xbox consoles, the LS50X, may just be the icing on the cake.

Though definitely on the pricey side – the new model will set you back about $250 if you aren’t able to find it on sale – the LucidSound-produced headset is worth its weight in gold. It connects nicely to the Xbox without the need of an additional accessory (though Bluetooth takes a slight bit more effort), and its quality is unbeatable, particularly when it comes to first-person shooters. You’d be hard pressed to find a better gaming headset on the market, provided you have the budget for it.

Comfortable and Long Lasting

Source: LucidSound

First off, the LS50X is a headset that leans heavily on comfort, which is a good thing for those longer-lasting game sessions. You’ll be able to put these on your head and feel the silk quality of the earcups, without any sweat building up. That’s due to the innovative mixture of memory foam and coolant gel that makes them convenient – and all-involving – with their design. And the headset is expandable enough that it doesn’t tighten around your skull, unlike other cheaper headsets on the market.

You can also adjust volume and mute the headset by using the dial built into one of the earcups and also pressing one in if you don’t wish to hear yourself speak. It’s convenient and does away with needing a secondary remote to handle all its functions – they’re built right into the headset! You will need to get used to where the Bluetooth button is on the right side, as well as how to toggle between certain EQ presets, depending on which one you want.

What’s more, there’s a lot of battery life included with this headset. Upon last road test, we were able to get about 15+ hours on a single charge, then plugged it in with a USB-C cable and got it juiced up within just a short amount of time. Then it was back to our multiplayer sessions of Halo Infinite without missing a beat.

Exceptional Sound, But Some Slightly Missing Features

When it comes to sound performance with the headset, we were quite pleased how everything came across with the LS50X. It sounds terrific in stereo, and really performs with high-end games like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. But even “lower end” games, like the retro titles in Rare Replay and some of our old favorites in The Pinball Arcade made use of sound design, so that it comes across nearly crystal clear.

Connectivity is spot on, as the Xbox Series X we used was able to detect the headset fairly and with ease. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity in case you want to go that way, but it can get spotty depending on how busy your network gets. We haven’t tried connecting it to other consoles yet, but it’s custom made for Xbox play. Maybe check around before you consider it for your Switch and/or PS4, even though the option is likely there.

As for what’s missing from the headset, not that much, really. It doesn’t have any PC configuration options, unlike other peripherals on the market; and its microphone looks somewhat dinky, despite the fact it does very well when it comes to in-game chat with others. Other than that, the only thing that’s missing is a somewhat reasonable price. But considering what you’re getting here in terms of value, that’s not the worst thing. You just need to make sure your wallet’s prepared.

Crank the Volume For the LS50X

Source: LucidSound

If you can get over its somewhat expensive entry price and the fact it still requires Bluetooth for other connectivity (again, novel for Xbox and its internal connection), the LucidSound LS50X is a superb headset. The sound quality can’t be beat, the functionality is outstanding with an all-in-one feel, and the comfort level is on par with some of LucidSound’s best stuff. It’s perfect for a holiday gift, even if you just end up picking one up for yourself. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, you had a tough year.

Don’t hesitate to get this headset if you’ve got the cash. Your Xbox will thank you for it.

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