Skul the Hero Slayer Review

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Source: Neowiz

That’s using your head!

So, you know the Ghosts ‘n Goblins games have you playing a merciless human hero battling a world of, well, ghosts and goblins? Neowiz’s Skul the Hero Slayer works the opposite way. When the heroes of the world turn bad and turn their backs on a promise they made to the monster world, it’s up to a heroic skeleton to turn the tide, attempting to rescue the Demon King before all is lost to the world of men and women.

It’s an interesting approach, and while it’s not the greatest of stories told, Skul offers a great time to action and platforming fans, thanks in particular to its innovative design and high level of challenge. It’s not for everyone, but this is one Skul that’s sure to find some appeal amongst a few of you, and rightfully so.

Put Your Head On Straight

Source: Neowiz

The main thing that really stands out with a game like this is just how much gameplay can differ from something as simple as the skull you’re wearing. You see, the main hero, Skul, can interchange skulls that can change up the effects you use, such as being able to smash the ground with some or even creating devastating attacks with others. What’s more, you can switch between the two at any time creating unique attack methods as a result. You’ll need them because some of these humans can be downright nasty, forcing you to change up your tactics. There are some monstrous bosses you’ll need to change up against as well.

It’s all very well done in terms of gameplay, as it rarely gets boring and even takes advantage of its rogue-like nature, changing things up as you go along. New skulls come up pretty often, with some paying homage to other great games on the market, like Dead Cells. While Skul isn’t quite as in-depth as something along those lines, it’s a fun alternative when you’re looking to blow off a little steam.

I wish some of the upgrades weren’t so costly. You’ll really need to grind your way through later levels to earn some of your keep here, but some might be up to the challenge.

A Fun Looking Piece of Skul-Duggery

Skul also benefits from a nice presentation, complete with several classic style chiptunes that will be right at home with fans of games like Castlevania and Ghosts ‘n Goblins, as well as some enjoyable visuals.

The graphics look like something out of a classic platformer, right down to the cool level of carnage you can cook up with the right skull combo. It looks excellent for the most part, though slowdown does set in here and there. Not too much to throw off the show as a whole, really.

As for the sound, it’s excellent! It has a quality selection of tunes to choose from and lots of effects fitting for a game of this type. Get some headphones and you’ll really appreciate what’s presented here.

Don’t Be Numb To Skul

Source: Neowiz

Even with its slight challenges, Skul the Hero Slayer is a worthy addition to the platforming market. It’s a lot of fun for fans of this type of game, and its customization and variation of available skull power-ups are worthwhile. Throw in a lighthearted and mostly well-polished presentation and replay value galore, and you’ll have a field day. Use your head when buying this one, and you’ll be well rewarded.

DVS Rating: 8/10

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