Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review

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We have all been wondering what the famous Halo franchise would have to offer, especially since Halo 5 had a poor launch from poor advertising, and since we’ve seen poor footage in the past graphically for Infinite. Six years have passed since the previous entry, however, after playing the multiplayer I can strongly say it was worth the wait. Not only is Infinite Multiplayer better than it has ever been, but it’s also free to play on PC and Xbox making it a first for the franchise. This is one of the best multiplayer first-person shooter launches that I have ever experienced and I can not wait to see what the campaign has to offer.

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Classic Modes meets Modern Gameplay

Gameplay mechanics for Halo have not changed much in combat but feel mechanically smoother and better than ever. Aiming, running, and even just shooting are all the same at the core, but feel less choppy and more parallel overall. Not to mention I have hardly run into any glitches or awkward movement which is a known occurrence in the previous Halo games. There is however nothing really new as far as the gameplay modes go. Combat features 4v4 or 12v12 with modes such as Capture the Flag, Strongholds, Stockpile, Total Control, and even the classic Slayer. Oddball was sort of a new one but overall there was not much surprising about these modes. While the classics are always a good go-to that should be featured, it would be nice to see something innovative for the series.

Graphically Stunning and Great Map Design

Halo Infinite has great map designs per game mode and caters to the number of players perfectly. Each map will vary in size depending on 4v4 or 12v12, and it never feels too cramped. Certain games always left us feeling claustrophobic like Shipment in COD MW, which could probably take a lesson or two from 343 Industries. What I loved most about these maps is the overall setup for each mode due to the fact that no map feels catered to anyone’s playstyle and leaves a lot of room for strategy. Snipers, shotguns, any weapon you can think of will be a comfortable fit leaving players to play whatever setup they are comfortable with. To top off the amazing level designs, Infinite is downright stunning despite poor previous footage. While it still maintains the classic Halo art style we all know and love, it feels like the franchise got a beautiful makeover and added so much more detail. There seems to be more texture and life in the environment between the leaves on the trees and the gorgeous sky. Reflections feel unreal from lightning and water, and even the shields feel and look vibrant on us fellow Spartans. Halo feels not only revived but revamped in a way that old and new players will come to love.

Poor Leveling and an Uncanny Battle Pass

Infinite unfortunately does have some serious lacking features in the game, which all stem from an underwhelming progression system. When I say underwhelming I mean it’s extremely slow and lackluster. Matches only gain you 50 XP, meaning players will have to play for hours on end to gain a simple level. This means that unlocking the cosmetics will take forever and a half to obtain. That’s where you can see the greed of Microsoft come in by offering their Battle Pass feature which acts as an in-game currency to buy cosmetics and other features. While the pass does not ever expire, it essentially acts as a workaround for the leveling system if players want to buy these cosmetics instead. The passes range from $5 up to $100, gaining players up to 11,500 credits. There is also the famous Premium Pass option that acts as a quick cash grab for players that want 2,800 credits and 100 XP to fast track players up 25 tiers immediately. While the Passes are not entirely bad, they definitely act as a way for Microsoft to make money off the poor leveling system.

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Performance Issues

The game, unfortunately, needs to polishing around the edges due to some performance issues on PC. The game often crashes and suffers from some framerate issues here and there. It often needs to be restarted, however, I have yet to experience a crash during a match despite it being often reported. The game is still early on and in Beta technically, so there is room for the developers to address these issues.

Fantastic Launch

Halo Infinite is a successful launch and made a huge comeback despite the negativity. It is one of the best first-player shooters I have played this year and really built upon what the franchise has to offer. Despite some issues and poor level design I overall am extremely enjoying the game and I can’t wait for the campaign to release.

DVS Score: 7.5/10

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