Windows 11 Update Causes Trouble for AMD Users

By Published On: October 13, 2021Categories: Featured, Gaming, News

Windows 11, the latest OS from Microsoft, has had a very poor launch so far; especially for AMD users. The OS already caused a horrible slowdown for gamers using AMD processors, but this latest patch actually made the slowdown worse. Microsoft has yet to address the patch which was released yesterday.

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Performance Drops

This latest patch has increased the havoc Microsoft already caused with the latest OS. The bugs have caused L3 cache latency to increase to 31.99 NS, and were confirmed by Tech PowerUp. For those who have not heard of them, Tech PowerUp is a tech site that performs random technology tests. This particular find was done with a Ryzen 7 2700x, which is a very powerful processor. In addition, there is also a glitch that causes issues for apps and games with UEFI CPPC2.

On a happier note, AMD posted release dates for patching these bugs via Reddit. The fix will officially occur on October 19th for the L3 cache, however, the other glitch should be addressed on October 21st.

Microsoft was working on making Windows 11 an operating system that benefits gamers with various companies. These issues, unfortunately, have hindered the gaming community seeing as AMD provides very popular and powerful technology for the gaming community. Many players have yet to upgrade, and probably will hold off due to the chaos Windows 11 has brought so far. The software company already is known for poor updates and patches that cause issues from Windows 10, which was supposed to originally be the last OS for Microsoft. Hopefully they will be able to remedy the situation and get back to providing quality for PC users.

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