Valve, AMD, and Qualcomm Team Up for PC Gamers

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Three major companies in the technology and gaming world have partnered together to bring wired gaming speed to wi-fi in Windows 11.  This feature will be known as Wi-Fi Duel Station and is designed primarily for gamers to obtain the speeds they want if they are unable to hardwire their computers.

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Wifi Vs. Hardwire Incoming

Wired connections have generally been the way to go when streaming, playing video games, or anything that is demanding and in need of a strong signal. For those who don’t know, hardwiring does not steal bandwidth due to pulling signals from its own source. With this new technology, not only will it become more convenient in day-to-day life for large households and limited ethernet ports on the router, but also make using wi-fi more competitive.

Wi-Fi Duel Station can prove to be huge for the technology world if Microsoft and these companies reach success for what they aim to do. The new feature will attempt to blend 2.5 and 5GHZ bands to attempt to improve latency. However, it seems near impossible given what bands are meant to do. Having dual or tri-band routers helps relieve traffic. For example, if you have two cellphones in use along with streaming on a tv, to avoid these items stealing bandwidth users can assign the two cell phones to the 2.5GHZ band and the TV to the 5GHZ band. So how these companies want to attempt to keep this option to one band will be groundbreaking.

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s brand new OS, so it most likely is not optimized for this new feature yet. However with these companies all banding together we may get to see the results sooner than we think.

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