Hogwarts Legacy: What to Expect

By Published On: October 2, 2021Categories: Gaming, Rumors

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It is a very exciting time to be a Harry Potter fan.  Portkey games has been releasing many thrilling and never before seen Harry Potter gaming content with unique, yet true to the stories content. Most recently, they developed Hogwarts Mystery which takes the player on an immersive journey into the Hogwarts world on their cellular device. Coming now in 2022, Portkey games is releasing the all new Hogwarts Legacy. It will be their first game to extend to PC and Playstation and Hogwarts Legacy will be the very first Harry Potter open world action RPG to have ever been developed. 

What We Know So Far and What We Might See

Watching their trailer, their characters appear to be more developed and aesthetically pleasing to the player than in the google play games prior and the creatures they show look accurate to the books. They set the time to the 1800s, well before the time of Harry Potter and his friends. The books and movies take place in the 1990s, so, this will bring a unique atmosphere to the players. The two minute trailer released is exciting, it suggests one will be able to participate in the Hogwarts classes, specifically potions and the green houses, followed by leaving Hogwarts and going on fantastic adventures much like Newt Scamander’s, and being able to interact with other witches and wizard players in an immersive and brilliant way.

One can expect all new characters to be introduced due to the time period. Dumbledore was not born until 1881, so it is very unlikely that he will be in the games. Specific creatures we can hope and expect to see are hippogriffs, thestrals, nifflers, acromantulas, and even dragons. One can hope that hippogriffs and thestrals will be used as mounts and I hope there will be a quest where you can use nifflers to find treasures, perhaps even take one as a pet, although the books does state that nifflers are not great pets to keep in the house. 

In Conclusion

Portkey game makers have brought amazing games to the Harry Potter community and the trailer promises a great experience. It should be expected to have a well developed and unique story and quests both inside of Hogwarts and outside in a fantastic world similar to that of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Hopefully, as they take their creative liberties they continue to remain true to the books.

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