Far Cry 6: PS5 Review

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Far Cry has been one of the greatest action-adventure first-person shooters in gaming history since their original launch of the first game in 2004. The series has been known to have some of the best game entries such as Far Cry 3 which happened to win BAFTA in 2013. Before this release, the series, unfortunately, had taken a more awkward turn with 4 and 5 being split in the community. Some might even argue that Far Cry 5 felt it took the series in a different direction. However, Far Cry 6 has been nothing short of excellent, and actually feels like what Far Cry should be. The game is on par with Far Cry 3 and is one of the best games to release in 2021. The game can be bought on all platforms for 59.99 USD aside from the Nintendo Switch.

A Classic Far Cry Tale

Far Cry 6 brings back a classic tale that feels just right for the series. The story follows Dani Rojas, a previous guerilla that grew up in a war-torn Yara (a fictional island in Cuba), and has found his or herself joining Libertad to take down Anton. Libertad is a group of rebel guerillas and people who want to take down Anton and free Yara from his dictatorship. Dani has experienced the cruelty firsthand and originally wants to flee the island until she stumbles upon something greater.

Playing this game feels as if I jumped back to how Far Cry used to be. Finding a strong main character trying to liberate the people of a dejected island. Yara is filled with strongholds and checkpoints to free from the regime that has subjugated the people to torture and brutality. The story feels incredibly authentic to the series with very strong cultural aspects.

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A Visually Immersive and Classic Experience

Far Cry 6 has the largest map in the series so far, with stunning graphics and a captivating environment. The developers did a great job in submerging players in what feels like a real Cuban Island. The characters of the game are very distinctive in personality, and each town feels culture-packed and original. I often found myself absorbing every detail and every area of the game.

In addition to the beauty, the map is massive and filled with tons of content, materials, collectibles, and items. Massive does not even begin to describe the amount of travel and substance that Yara has hidden and in plain view. I would explore for hours, and find myself invested in side quests, finding gear, or even just taking our Anton Castillo’s thugs for the hell of it. Many abandoned buildings are filled with materials for modifying guns, gear, and cars. Wild Horses run amuck in the hills waiting for players to capture and ride in style. Buddies lie in wait for discovery in quests to assist Dani in their battles and for even just pets and adoration. While some things are new to the franchise, the atmosphere and ruins that you stumble upon feel like you’re back freeing the people in Far Cry 3 and 4 all over again. To top the nostalgia off, they brought back hunting areas which is a traditional far cry stamp.

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Castilla Is One of the Best Bosses in Far Cry History

Anton Castillo, played by the famous Giancarlo Esposito, is one of the most bone-chilling and captivating villains in the series. While there are henchmen to eliminate, they pale in comparison to the terror of this big guy. Castillo creates fear in every cut scene, performing outrageous acts while teaching his son to be just like him. Whether he tortures the guerillas to their early graves or mass murders hordes of innocent people, his voice and mannerisms seal it all to make him an enemy that seems impossible to face. What makes him even a step more terrifying than the previous villains, even more so than Vaas who was frighteningly insane, is that Castilla is the opposite. He is organized, intelligent, and calm throughout every decision. He is the epitome of a sociopath.

Resolvers and Guns Galore

In addition to endless shotguns, assault rifles, the famous bow, and other various weapons, Far Cry 6 introduces Resolver Weapons. The name being popular from the embargo in the ’60s, the idea is to “make do with what you have”. These resolver weapons introduced fun inventions such as a giant emp cannon, a minigun crafted from a motorcycle engine. Even goofy vehicles are modified in abnormal ways, an electric buggy was rigged into a paraglider. To add to the arsenal of oddities, Supremos are a most unusually powerful addition. Taking the form of a backpack filled with depleted Uranium, supremos came in all kinds of weaponry. Whether you want to launch endless rockets and take out helicopters or anti-aircraft guns, or simply drop EMPs or poison bombs to screw over hordes of Castillos brainwashed lapdogs, you never failed to find fun ways to create havoc.

Gear is important for keeping hold of due to enemies now coming with unique resistances and abilities. For example, some enemies may have armor-piercing rounds and require you to equip certain armor to counteract the rounds. In addition, your character can level up in power level, and territories now have a power level recommendation making grinding the endless side content essential to building your arsenal. Furthermore, there is no skill tree, they instead have unlocking abilities on weapons such as damage increase or a silencer as well as gadgets like C4 and proximity mines. However, some things do not stick permanently which is a major design flaw. While fire resistance gear and armor-piercing resistance make sense, specific gear locks to abilities like takedowns out of stealth mode or bonuses to health and stamina. Even so, due to the change-up, there are cool character builds that you can customize depending on the playstyle.

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Far Cry 6 was a great entry to the series, and, honestly, it is what the franchise needed after the last two releases. Though the game can be buggy and has some issues with game design, the story and overall gameplay are refreshing. This game was some of the most fun I have had since 3 and I can’t get enough of the exploration and side quests. Far Cry has never been better to play and I recommend it for every FPS Action Adventure lovers out there.

DVS Score: 8/10

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