Alan Wake Remastered: What to Expect and What Not to Miss

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Alan Wake was a brilliant classic created in 2010 by Remedy Entertainment. Fans often remember the number of flashlight batteries and ominous puns they cycled through when originally playing the action-adventure thriller game. They now get to relive the experience tomorrow with not only some graphical upgrades but also some interface changes as well. Alan Wake Remastered releases tomorrow for 29.99 USD and will be available for Playstation, PC, and Xbox.

Remastered Changes

The remastered version will consist of a graphical makeover of the game, in addition to the DLCs. While the game is still sticking on the original engine, the game now has a do-over of textures and models. Characters are now more detailed than before, as are buildings and landscapes. The original lip syncing issue was addressed, making cut scenes less awkward than before. The game will gain Dual Sense support options for those who want to experience the game in a new generation light for PS5 users.
Settings are another big change that will improve the enhancement and performance of the overall game for PC users. The game will give the option for Nvidia users to prioritize their upscaling technology over anti-aliasing for those with GPUs that utilize DLSS. Options are still available to those without DLSS.
Interface changes will have some minor yet convenient changes, as well. The displays for the health bar and items such as flashlight battery and compass have been enlarged to be more readable for players. The text and minimap have been downsized and the game has some control changes that should be adjustable with button mapping.

What to Go Back to before Playing

For fans that have not played the series, the Remastered version is the perfect place to start. While the sequel may not have aged well, it still is worth looking up the events and giving it a try.

For fans that have played it, Remedy finally regained the rights to the Alan Wake franchise in 2019. Due to the official launch of Remedy Connected Universes and the cross-over made from Control: AWE, it’s good to track back and play Control and Quantum Break. There are small hints given in Quantum Break that connects to the Alan Wake universe, furthering the connection between the three games.

For those who have not played the two games, Quantum Break is an action-adventure third-person shooter; and Control is also an action-adventure game. Remedy Entertainment developed both games and they are available on new and last generation platforms. 

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