Report: Twisted Metal Game In the Works At Lucid Games

By Published On: September 29, 2021Categories: Gaming, Rumors

Source: Sony

How sweet (Tooth) it is.

It’s been an eternity since we’ve seen the Twisted Metal franchise in action, with the last new game surfacing on the PlayStation 3 years ago (though we did get a solid port of Twisted Metal Black on PlayStation 4). However, a new report suggests that the series is revving up for a comeback.

The story comes from VideoGamesChronicle, indicating that Sweet Tooth and company are finally on their way to PlayStation 5. But what’s more interesting is who could be behind its return.

Rather than being headed up by a studio with the likes of David Jaffe, the new Metal is reportedly in development at Lucid Games. If that name sounds familiar, it’s the studio that recently produced Sony’s multiplayer game Destruction All-Stars. (Before that, it was known as Bizarre Creations, where it worked on Blur and the Project Gotham Racing games.)

The goal for the game is to release alongside the in-production series, which is set to launch sometime in 2023, featuring Marvel album Anthony Mackie in an undisclosed role.

Sony hasn’t confirmed the news just yet, but it’d be great to see this series mount a comeback. It’s been ages since we’ve fired missiles out of an ice cream truck.

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