No More Heroes III Nintendo Switch Review: One Last Touchdown

By Published On: September 15, 2021Categories: Gaming

Source: Nintendo

So infamous game producer Suda 51 pretty much confirmed that No More Heroes III is the last hurrah for the saber-jerking hero Travis Touchdown, a coup-de-gras that serves as a bang of a finale for fans. And what a way to go, because, like the previous games before it, it’s all about the sword-swinging madness that you’d expect from such a saga. That’s not to say that everything works perfectly, but there’s enough kinetic content here to keep you busy as you take one last trip into the intergalactic.

Instead of taking on the usual gang of thugs on Earth, Travis is going planet hopping. A madman named Prince FU has invaded the planet alongside a number of his allies, and it’s up to Travis and company to send them packing. Whether he can topple the Galactic Superhero Rankings along the way is on you, but with the right tools – and talent – it’s definitely showtime.

Source: Nintendo

Be Ready for a Fight

First off, let’s talk combat, which is pretty awesome in its own right. Though some enemies are challenging – especially ones that can seemingly wipe out Travis in one hit, to somewhat cheap effect – the controls work really well within the game. The general moves are insanely good, whether you’re slicing someone with a juiced-up saber (which, surprise, you have to charge up with some jerking) or utilizing the Death Glove to unleash the mother of all drop kicks or a turret that can lay gunfire into someone.

What’s more, there’s different control types you can use. Both the Pro Controller and handheld play are surprisingly adaptable, considering the series got its start with motion controls. But if for some reason you “want to go home again,” as it were, you can use the JoyCons as Suda intended and go crazy with the sword swinging. Either way, you’ll find a fulfilling style of play, and one that’ll keep you busy through all the game’s raucous, violence-infused scenarios.

Did we also mention the story is well worth the trip throughout? It definitely takes some turns into bizarro land, in pure No More Heroes fashion. And yes, there are wall breaks and toilet sits aplenty, for those that wanted more of both. Stay through the whole thing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Source: Nintendo

Hot Damn, Travis Looks Good!

The presentation is mostly razor sharp. There are times that the graphics can be a bit fuzzy, particularly in larger open world segments when Travis is on his bike or doing a little lawn mowing. But for the most part, the frame rate handles very well; the details look extraordinary, especially during combat; and there’s a lot of stylish content to take in. It doesn’t disappoint, even if it slightly hiccups in some places.

I was also a real fan of the music. The rock tunes fit right in with other entries of the series; and you’re sure to find particular favorites from the soundtrack to endure as you go along. Just try to get some headphones for the journey – you can thank me later.

What a Way to Go

It’s a shame that No More Heroes is done with this part of its journey, as Travis really has saved the best for last when it comes to this ridiculous trip. But what a way to go, with a game that challenges at every turn, and amuses and amazes with its wild combat and enjoyable presentation.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a sequel of this caliber, so get to downloading and win one for the Touchdown!

RATING: 8.5/10

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