Dark Deity: PC Review

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Fire Emblem: 3 Houses has left many feeling empty and in need of a new game. As one of the most iconic tactical RPGs for Nintendo, the games are addicting in both gameplay and story. Though players have Langrisser 1 and 2 on the switch, it does not quite add up. However, for all of the fans out there a more recent tactical RPG has made its way into the light. The game feels as if I were playing Fire Emblem on a budget, filling that empty void that has left players craving more. This game is Dark Deity and was recently released just this past June. You can buy the game on PC or Switch for only $25.

The game follows a group of students in a military academy. The students end up joining the army early due to the ongoing war in the Delian Kingdom. King Varic is the one who brought this ill-prepared war on and is seemingly toxic in nature. These four students, Garrick, Marren, Irving, and Alden are forced out of the comfort of the Academy and get a taste of what real war has to offer. Along the way, these students become acquainted with more playable characters that help them through battle. Each character is also given a unique personality that feels almost endearing.

The game has many features that mirror Fire Emblem but also are unique. Combat is also played on a grid-based battlefield with each class being a heavy counter to other classes. What is unique to this game is the weapon options provided for character building. Combat allows for potential weapon tokens that can be used to upgrade class weapons. Each class has a choice between 4 types of weapon styles. For example, clerics can choose between a mace, flail, hammer, or pickaxe. Each weapon offers a different stat bonus consisting of power, focus, balance, or finesse. The adds a bit of more in-depth combat when building each playable character. The game also features upgrades to character classes as Fire Emblem did, but does not challenge as much and does not feature a permadeath option.


Another great feature is the option of creating bonds. Just as Fire Emblem allowed relationships between characters by sticking them near each other during combat and watching their dialogue during downtime, this game also allows bonds to be made in the same way. So for the players that love juicy relationships with weeb-filled delight, Dark Deity will give you the same entertainment. The dialogue is also a tad goofier between characters which provides a break from the depressing story the game throws at you.

Dark Diety is a good budget Fire Emblem-like game. Though the graphics might not be as good, and the story may not be as well written, the game is still worth playing. It gives the same atmosphere as Fire Emblem and the Langrisser series did and features almost the same gameplay. I do wish there was a bit more to combat options and story detail but for the price, this game gives you so much more than its cost.

DVS Score: 7.5/10

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