PS5 Firmware Beta Update

By Published On: July 29, 2021Categories: Featured, Gaming

Sony has rolled out a new beta firmware update that will first be exclusive to certain users around the world including some in the U.S.; however, we do not know how long the update will remain in this beta. If the update is successful, it will be a massive upgrade for users in terms of customization, experience, and convenience.

The biggest part of the update is that Sony is bringing M.2 support to the PS5. This is huge due to the fact that there is only 825 GB available for storage. There are some things that Sony can’t guarantee such as performance on external storage, not to mention there will be specific requirements to what M.2 drives are usable.

Other enhancements will pertain mostly to the interface in terms of customization and organization. This includes even showing whether a game is a PS4 or PS5 game on the homescreen. Players will also get to adjust controls in the control center and more management options for the friends tab in the game bar.

We also will see some performance adjustments such as 3D audio support for TV speakers. Players using PS Now will get to choose resolutions between 720 and 1080p and not have the resolution automatically chosen for them. We also will get a PS trophy tracker that allows players to track up to 5 trophies via the control center.

These are only some of the notable changes in this beta update and will bring huge changes for the console users everywhere. I can’t wait to see the update out of beta and to experience these changes myself.


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