PAX Online: Blast Brigade New Trailer

By Published On: July 15, 2021Categories: Gaming

PAX Online has officially kicked off with some great new reveals and trailers for various games coming out. One of these honorable mentions was a whole new trailer for Blast Brigade, a 2D action-packed platformer being developed by Allods Team Arcade. The trailer was shown in celebration of PAX Online’s event and is definitely a game to look out for.

Players will get to assemble teams of 4 super spies, and storm through this 80’s movies-inspired game fighting intense bosses. The end goal is to finish off a mad scientist known as Dr. Cread. Each character comes with not only unique abilities but a crazy personality to add to the hype. In addition to the unique heroes, we now have insight into some additional gameplay features like customizable weapons and vast unique areas to explore that have a Metroidvania style. To top it off we get some nostalgic 80’s music to match our explosions as we set enemies ablaze.

While the trailer looks phenomenal with different hybrid monsters and robots to hack your way through, hopefully we will see an actual release date soon. Steam users will get early access this coming September for those who can’t wait to give it a try. The game will officially release on all current and last generation platforms.

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