PAX East Online: Indie Showcase

By Published On: July 15, 2021Categories: Gaming, News

As many of you know PAX starts today and if you didn’t know you know now. PAX, the convention of gamers around the globe, is back! One of the many reasons I love Pax compared to other gaming conventions is they give a platform for Indie developers to be heard using their Indie Showcase.

Now not every game can be included, otherwise, PAX would have to run all year long. The ones that made the cut are all fun and inspiring games in their own categories. This year they have 20 great games listed that we can’t wait to hear more about. Some of the great games listed are TERRACOTTA, The Company Man, Against the Storm, ITORAH, and Citizen Sleeper.

TERRACOTTA, a pixel art action slash puzzle adventure with unique world-shifting mechanics, will have the player fighting the famed Chinese Terracotta Army to set their spirits free. It boasts unique puzzles and bosses to keep things interesting as you travel through the passages of the long-dead empire.

The Company Man, a 2-D action-adventure game, is sure to be loved by all corporate employees gamers. As you go fighting your way to the top to be the CEO. I do mean actually fighting. As you wield your keyboard to smack annoying coworkers and shoot emails at bosses to rise in the ranks.

Against the Storm, a building sim set in a fantasy world gives you full control under the queen to manage new settlements. Humans and Beastmen alike need you to lead them and protect them against the never-ending rain. Manage resources and build accordingly to keep the queen’s citizens safe and fed.

ITORAH, an action adventure platformer, is set in a fantasy world of masked individuals and you play as the only human. Set out to save the world from the Black Plague as you fight and survive while exploring the world of Nahucan and discover pieces of your past. 

Citizen Sleeper, a narrative RPG, has you play as an escaped worker who lives in a derelict station in an interplanetary post-apocalyptic world. Work to break free from the shackles of corporate control as you meet new characters and learn their story. Inspired by tabletop RPGs you use dice, clocks, drives, and skills to lead the story to completion.

These are just a few I’m excited for and there are more coming. Check out PAX East online starting today! To see more of the showcase click here! Stick around Devious Gaming for more PAX East Online news, reviews, and interviews this week!

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