Fire: Ungh’s Quest

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Touch-Screen Puzzle It Out Game

Ungh’s Quest is an adorably drawn solve-it puzzle game. This game really had me going through some loops with it, as the learning curve is not an easy thing. There is no real tutorial to the game, so getting started was a little difficult.

This game was cute, it starts off fairly simple as you’ve gotten kicked out of your tribe for letting the fire die out. The tribe throws you over the fence and now you are on your own. You have to come to terms with your mistake and try to find a new fire, which means getting to the top of a mountain?

Alright, so after you get past the beginning scene and figure out that you have to hold down X in order to see what is tap-able on the screen. Once you’ve realized how easily controlled this game in, you can finally start looking at the puzzles to complete them. Let me tell you, that is the most confusing part of this game. Not knowing where to go, what to do. This is one game that would have benefited greatly from even a two minute tutorial to show you how to progress.

Point and Click? Or Touch and Tap

This game gives you a couple of options as far as gameplay goes, you can be direct and move through the stories to find your Wish Bug, and move onto the next level. Or you can spend as much time as you want in these levels, to see if there are any hidden bonuses or level-ups.

Ungh’s Quest definitely feels more like a children’s game, which isn’t always a bad thing. In this case, I’d have to say ages 7-12 as far as the graphics and the story goes. Yet, I don’t see how the children would stay entertained when it comes to these puzzles that can take a bit more than just a few minutes to figure out. Some of these puzzles make no sense as your working through them, so the audience their aiming for doesn’t come through clearly.

Ungh’s Quest offers some cute puzzles and some fun stories within the levels themselves. Overall, this was not an overly impressive puzzle game. It’s cute and bubbly, offers some fantastic ranges in colors but doesn’t offer quite the range when it comes to playing the game.

I’d have to give Ungh’s Quest for Fire a 4/10 as I did not enjoy struggling through the game to learn how to move and move forward through the levels.

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