Dead Space Resurfaced

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Welcome back to the dismembering nightmare experience.

It’s been quite some time since the world turned their heads to EA in anticipation for a video game, if it wasn’t Star Wars it’s been a letdown of series games, or random new IPs. It truly says something about a gaming community when a simple well-done cosplay can spark thousands of people into an uproar. Thanks to an amazing cosplayer known as ‘Sunlight Cosplay’ or ‘Johnny Goodwill’. He and his photographer brought Issac to life in a way that made every fan of Dead Space scream for a remaster.

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Sunlight Cosplay
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The whole world unanimously stared at EA awaiting the announcement of the decade, horror and scare fans around the world on the edge of their collective seat.

Finally, EA Play Live had come and they started off slow and steady, ramping up to their upcoming releases. With add-ons to games like Battlefield, Apex, and Knockout City, the new release of the secret IP has become less likely. Then out of the darkness trilling and moaning enemies wait to be seen. Then in came our hero, our Issac, with his glowing suit. It appeared like a dream. One moment we were being thrust into beautiful visuals of space, then it was over as quickly as it started.

Goosebumps, literal goosebumps formed across my entire body watching this small, 1:06 long teaser. This wasn’t an announcement, this was a full-blown teaser to everyday hard Dead Space and horror fans out there.

The original game came out in 2008 via Xbox 360. If only then EA knew what a crowd-pleasing IP it would turn out, perhaps we would have had our remaster sooner rather. Now, almost 13 years later EA is pulling our hopes and dreams to the max, as we prepare to be let down by them again. EA has a regular habit of destroying perfectly good games and series, as we’ve seen happen many times over. True that some IPs are better than others, but you can’t tell me that Dead Space didn’t deserve more love than it got.

Here’s to the series, here’s to the hopes and here’s to the dreams.

And don’t forget, cut off their limbs…

Photography credit for sunlight cosplay goes to Dim Horizon Studio.

Cosplayer and Cosplay: Sunlight Cosplay via Facebook and Instagram.

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