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Bio-Interstellar Ark

Welcome pilot, you are just in time to help B.ARK defend Earth from the cybernetic threat known as Dark Tide. Get your team of four-legged heroes together to stop the spread of terror through outer space!

Each fuzzy pilot is unique and has a personality that encompasses their style of gameplay. In this 4-player couch co-op play as Barker the pupper in the mech called ‘Wishbone’ that recruits buddies for extra firepower, or go with the purrrfect revenge with Felicity the Cat and her spread shot ship ‘Payback’. If you aren’t feeling head-on competition and want to be a team player, check our Lucio the bear with his shield ship ‘Mossy Pig II’ or Marv the Rabbit with him ‘Luck 7’ equipped with homing bullets.

Not only will you pilot mechs with some of the most adorable team members, you can also create super fusions! Create a powerful hybrid attack in co-op mode! From Barker’s super attack ”Bullet Stream” to Lucio the Bear’s expanding shield ”Bear Hug” you can blast the enemy away, or save your team mates from total destruction. The choice is yours!

Go to other planets and defeat the formidable bosses of each planet. Spike the Narwhal and Vic the Sea Snake come with their own small armies of marine bad guys ready to challenge your might with challenging attack patterns that increase with the difficulty.

This game is full of beautiful colors and classic side scroller in space feeling. For those who love the retro game feel, this game is right up your alley. Use placement and strategy to save the Earth and the solar system from the space marine life!

Tic Toc Games is based in Burbank, California and Manila, Philippines. B.ARK had an early release state in early 2021 and is now set to release to the Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms on July 29.

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