The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

By Published On: June 11, 2021Categories: Gaming

SuperMassive Games has finally returned to us with an all-new horrifying story to experience that will be coming to us this October of 2021. We will be getting the next story of the Dark Pictures Anthology known as House of Ashes, which was announced today during the Summer Games Fest. This game should be released on every platform so players will not have to worry.

Supermassive Games created the Dark Pictures Anthology as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn which released in 2015 as a Sony Exclusive. The 2 entries that followed as part of this Anthology were Man of Medan and Little Hope, which were both extremely disturbing and fantastic stories to take part in. This time, however, rather than a boat full of ghosts or a Silent Hill-like bus crash in the middle of an abandoned town, we will get to follow a military unit that stumbles upon ancient ruins while searching for chemical weapons. Only in this Sumerian Temple, evil creatures and horrifying discoveries will tear the unit apart.

This game is already up for preorder on every platform for $29.99 on Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart. There is also now a collector’s edition which features a cool figurine, exclusive art, stickers, and a pin. Players will also get access to the Curators Cut for preordering, which means new characters to play as, new choices, new outcomes, and exclusive cut scenes.

For those who have not played the previous games, every story is different. The curator is the only consistent factor that tells these stories, but other than that they do not relate to each other. However, I do recommend playing them solely for the fact that each story is very good, and each decision you make actually matters. Multiplayer and Movie Night are also great features if you want to enjoy the story with someone else and try to keep your characters alive.

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