Teeny Tiny Peak at Tiny Tina’s Wonderland!

By Published On: June 11, 2021Categories: Gaming

Borderlands spin-off with a D&D touch! (The long awaited game from the DLC)

It’s happening! Tiny Tina is getting her own spin-off! It’s about time too, considering how well received of a character she is with fans around the world. This adorable little spitfire of a character in Borderlands DLC had created a DnD world where they would play and realize some hard truths that Tiny Tina could only take in through her safe world of DnD.

Today at the Summer Games Festival 2020, it was a wild ride as we had no clue what Gearbox was going to let us see ahead of their showcase! We got a glimpse at what will be with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the official spin off. A lone wolf hammering away at building an item as an evil looking dragon looms ever closer to this character. The sense of magic, death and adventure is thick in the air. The feel of the DnD world with the Borderlands touch is already appealing in just the video preview alone.

With a star studded voice cast, starting with Andy Samberg (Brooklynn 99 and Lonely Island), Wanda Sykes, Will Arnett and Ashly Burch. This makes for an amazing forward look to the new spin off game. Oh, and how could we forget one of the most important characters in this preview?
Buttstallion! Leading the way with glimmering rainbows, we look forward to seeing more from this game and our hopes are set very high with the introduction given to us from Summer Game Fest this afternoon.

What are your hopes for this amazing looking spin-off of a game? Are you hoping to find everything you wanted from the adventures with Tiny Tina? Or maybe Buttstallion needs to convince you some more, check out Gear box on Saturday for hopefully more of this preview!

Let’s go Buttstallion.

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