Starfield coming to Xbox, PC in 2022

By Published On: June 13, 2021Categories: Gaming

There’s a reason that Microsoft invested all sorts of money into Bethesda – to land some big games. And part of that line-up includes Starfield, which now appears to be a huge exclusive for the Xbox/PC front.

A leaked trailer for the game has revealed that the sci-fi adventure will make its debut on November 11, 2022. Though the trailer, seen below, doesn’t have any official game footage, it shows that there’s a galaxy worth exploring, with all sorts of neat aspects. Imagine the likes of Skyrim, but with sci-fi elements and all sorts of cool interplanetary travel. That’s the kind of hint Starfield provides.

This looks to be the first major release under the Microsoft/Bethesda merger, which, according to the E3 presentation, are now considered “one big team.” This likely means that Bethesda will now operate under the Microsoft label, though obviously some releases, like Deathloop for PlayStation 5, will remain under the Bethesda name. We’ll have more details about the merger soon.

We’ll see what the game offers when it drops next year!

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