Soulstice: E3 PC Gaming Show

By Published On: June 13, 2021Categories: Gaming

I never knew what I needed in life was a game blended with Dark Souls and Devil May Cry, that is until the PC Gaming Show came on and gave us a new game to look forward to. Soulstice is an action RPG being developed by Reply Game Studios and will be published by Modus Games. The game is set to release sometime in 2022, but no definitive date has been set.

The game takes place in a grim and bleak world, where the Holy Kingdom of Keidas faces peril. Wraiths have invaded and are threatening civilization from the other side of the Veil. Two sisters known as Briar and Lute have been reborn as Chimera and have been granted mystical powers from their transformations. Players will get to explore this war torn world as these sisters in an action RPG style.

Soulstice on Steam

Though there is no date for release yet, players can preorder the game on Steam now and should look for updates as development progresses.

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