Pixel Noir: Pecaminosa

By Published On: June 24, 2021Categories: Gaming, Reviews

Pecaminosa, developed by Cereal Games and published by BadLand Publishing, is an action-adventure shooter RPG about a disgraced police officer who helps the ghost of a dead mobster atone for his sins. As well as help you find your old partner who has gone missing in the last two weeks. That’s just the first 10 seconds. 

In a pixelated noir theme, you begin the game as a former detective, John Souza. As you are lying in your home dozing in your boxers, drink in hand, a flash happens before you. You see the ghost of the mobster whose death caused the end of your career, Charlie “Two Angels.” Charlie tells you he’s sending you out to clean up his mess so he can atone for his sins and go to the big pearly gates upstairs. Naturally, you tell him you don’t care where he ends up, but he has information you can’t pass up. Your old partner has been missing for two weeks while you were off the force. Charlie can help you find him. With information like this, you grudgingly accept his proposal and get started on a list of names to bring to justice and save your old friend. 

The story was fun and interactive, lined up like a noir film. I truly enjoyed going on the different quests to see what happened next. I couldn’t put it down. The Pixelated graphics also added a bit of nostalgia giving a similar feel to beat-’em up arcade games like River City Girls, Streets of Rage, or Double Dragon. Plan your stats accordingly, as they will help you out with conversations and situations along the way. A colorful cast of characters you meet along the way keeps things active and moving in the right direction.

I loved playing this game! From the story to the mechanics, everything was set up perfectly to keep you asking for more. You can purchase the game to play today for $14.99 on any of the systems mentioned above. 

DVS Rating 10/10

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