Party With Tools: Tools Up!

By Published On: June 17, 2021Categories: Gaming

Co-Op party games have been popping up and taking the world by storm lately. Tools Up! by developer The Knights of Unity is no different. Tools Up! is out now on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for purchase and play. It features a slew of characters to experience with different motifs and themes to choose from.  

Your goal is to fix a set of rooms given to you. From painting walls to laying carpet down, you have complete control over how the work gets done, and don’t forget to clean up when you are done! This game is set up to be a really fun party game with friends or family. You can have up to four players playing together (or getting in each other’s way) to complete each determined task. Getting into comical fights with the characters to see who gets the most done was our main way to play together. The blueprint shows you what rooms need to be fixed, painted, carpeted, etc., so follow directions (or do your own thing, it’s cool.)

There are two modes to play in, timed or free play. Pick your character and off you go to work as a team to get the listed tasks done. As is also customary with most party games if you don’t have people to play with it quickly gets boring. With no online play offered it’s a little outdated for the current demographics. To make up for this they did create a garden DLC. I wasn’t able to play before writing this article but the additional levels in my humble opinion make it worth it. 

I had fun playing the game alone and with my niece and nephew so it’s worth a buy especially since it goes on sale so often on Steam and other play stores. Something fun to play on a game night no matter your age is always a good game to me in my book. 

DVS Rating 7/10

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