Microsoft introduces Arcane’s original action game, Redfall

By Published On: June 13, 2021Categories: Gaming

The Microsoft/Bethesda merger is bringing a lot of content to the Xbox over the next year, but one interesting title that stands out is an all new action IP, one that pits superhuman soldiers against vampires.

Redfall is currently in development at Arcane Austin studios. In it, the island town of Redfall, Massachusetts falls under siege to a deadly army of vampires. They’ve managed to isolate the city from the outside world, and even managed to blot out the sun, so they can run wild without fear of melting away.

It’s up to a handful of elite soldiers to step up and try to fight back against the horde, armed with special abilities like flotation tubes that let them fly up to rooftops, as well as invisibility and high-powered weapons that can easily put a stake in their adversaries. Oh, and did we mention there’s a robot dog of sorts too? One that can use his head in vital situations, to say the least.

The open world co-op-based adventure is the latest Bethesda exclusive for Xbox and PC consoles, meaning it’s not going to see the light of day on PlayStation in any form. That’s good news for Microsoft, adding yet another asset to their growing library of games – like Starfield.
We’ll see more of Redfall in the months ahead, leading to its summer 2022 release. And yes, it’ll be on Xbox Game Pass, so don’t fret that. In the meantime, enjoy the carnage-filled trailer below.

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